A Foodie's Guide to Eau Claire

Typically when one thinks of food in Wisconsin, cheese and beer come to top of mind. In Eau Claire, you can get just that on your plate plus a whole lot more. We strongly value our state's long-standing agricultural economy and in Eau Claire, it is made known with the farm-to-table food many of our restaurants serve and the unmatchable hospitality you get as soon as you step through their door. Embark on your journey to try all of Eau Claire's tastiest eats with this itinerary that is made for all the "foodies" out there and the people who simply just love to pull up their chairs to a table and eat. 



Kick off your next few days in Eau Claire with a trip over to ECDC - Eau Claire Downtown Coffee. This hip coffee shop is conveniently joined to the first floor of The Lismore Hotel and has a very contemporary and modern vibe to it. They carry a wide variety of coffees that are all delicious, but best of all, they are both free-trade-focused and sustainable. For your order, ask for a Vanilla Latte with a couple of their Macaroons. The macaroons are guaranteed to melt in your mouth while the coffee will send you well on your way to conquer the rest of your time in Eau Claire.

📍 Jay Ray's Deli

Claimed to be without a doubt the best sandwiches in town, Jay Ray's is a must-have once you're in Eau Claire. Their subs are made with high-quality bread and piled high with the freshest veggies and tastiest meats. Be prepared to take your subs to go considering that this is only a drive-through place. If you're at a loss for where to go, we got you covered with some of the best places to have a picnic in Eau Claire. Once you're at the window, order The DeNiro Sandwich - made with double pastrami, provolone, pepperoncini, mustard, and roasted garlic aioli. Trust us, the garlic aioli is something to talk about. 

📍 Johnny's Italian Steakhouse

What you need to order here is right in its name - steak. Johnny's is considered to be one of the best places in Eau Claire for fine dining. The ambiance is dark and mystical while the food is nothing short of perfect. The moment you sit down, your experience will begin with their popovers. They are gold and crisp on the outside, light and airy on the inside, and seriously hard to put down. Once they bring your steak, you'll discover that it is cooked just the way you like it and seeping with the utmost flavor. All the food here is so good that it's a true challenge to put your fork and knife down.

📍 Olson's Ice Cream Parlor

Dessert - arguably the best part of any meal for all the sweet tooth people out there. If you have room after all the great food you've already had today, make a visit to Olson's Ice Cream Parlor. The people at Olson's have been hand-making their ice cream in the Chippewa Valley since 1944. Needless to say, you must fit a scoop of their creamy and rich treats in your stomach. With a wide variety of flavors, they have something for every taste palette.  



There are three things you come to SHIFT for: to fix your bike, to grab a cup of coffee, and to try their ridiculously delicious waffles. They aren't your typical "Belgian Waffles" that come to mind when you think about breakfast. The waffles at SHIFT are about the size of your palm but boy are they intense and rich in flavor. The studded clusters of caramelized sugar just might be the secret ingredient in these that make these little gridded pieces of dough a breakfast game-changer. You might as well grab a coffee while you're here too!

📍Girolamo's Court'n House Bar & Grill

Time for a good burger! Girolamo's Court'n House Bar & Grill knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to their burgers. Take your seat and order the Mel Burger - topped with mushrooms, olives, American and Swiss cheese, and bacon. You can't go wrong with that. If you're feeling extra adventurous with your food, pair your burger with a Bloody Mary. After eating here once, Court'n House will be the place you'll want to return to each time you visit Eau Claire. 

📍 Mona Lisa's

Gear up for another fine dining experience for dinner at Mona Lisa's. Located in the Water St. District, Mona Lisa's really raises the bar when it comes to culinary arts and gives many other restaurants a run for their money. The interior has a vintage-like design and the food throughout the menu has clear Italian influences. The house favorite here is their Bourbon Sea Scallops - fresh day-boat sea scallops pan-seared to medium rare with sweet bourbon sauce, smoked bacon and scallions served with a basil risotto and steamed pea pods. How delicious!

📍 Nostalgic Bean

To dine in Paris - the ultimate foodie's dream. Well, the Nostalgic Bean in Altoona is pretty darn close. They serve authentic French bakery goods that are all made from scratch and with many locally sourced ingredients. It's the perfect place to go when you're craving something sweet to top off a meal. Order a Croissant here - made with chocolate filling, almonds, chocolate chips and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are guaranteed to be like a pastry you have never tasted before. 


📍 The Nucleus

Okay, we have to be real with you - The Nucleus is essentially a brunch lover's fantasy put into reality. It's an Eau Claire local favorite, so the line gets long very quickly. But, don't get us wrong... the food here is WELL worth the wait. Start off the brunch with a round of their mimosas - you will not be disappointed. However, the real showstopper here is their Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes. You're going to walk away after brunch just speechless! If brunch is your love language, check out our 6 Delicious Brunches You Should Try While in the Chippewa Valley.

📍 Ray's Place

This bar had to make it on this list for its classic Wisconsin dive bar vibe and its incredible roast beef sandwiches. Those hot sandwiches are all Ray's Place customers ever rave about. You cannot forget to try the horseradish mustard here too; it will blow you away. Sometimes the best meals come from places you've least expected to be wowed by. That's why Ray's Place is a true gem to Eau Claire. 

📍 Northern Tap House

Wrap up your time in Eau Claire with dinner at Northern Tap House! Whatever you choose to order here, it is guaranteed to exceed any of your expectations. Its casual and laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect place to kick back with a glass of beer and share good food and laughs with close family and friends. Speaking of sharing food... when it's time to order an appetizer, order a round of cheese curds for the table. Did you think we'd let you leave Wisconsin without cheese curds?! No way! They are made with cheese from a local cheese factory, Ellsworth Creamery, and are served with sweet chili sauce. The curds and sauce are an unexpected pairing but in the best way possible. Northern Tap House is also well spoken about for its beer (of course), their pizzas, and their wings! 

Bonus Stops

If your stomach is not satisfied, give these bonus stops a shot and get your foodie on! 

📍 44 North

44 North, and American Gastropub, is located in River Prairie and is the place to go when you want some good food and some fun! Built with two stories, the second floor is a dedicated dining space while the first floor is an arcade! When you make your way upstairs to eat, you'll love the industrial farmhouse feel and be pleased with what you'll find on the menu. If Bloody Marys are a part of your love language, you'll definitely want to try this place out. 44 North offers flights of Bloodies so you can taste different flavored vodkas! They don't stop at Bloody Marys; they have Margarita, Mojito and Moscow Mule flights on their menu too. 

📍 Foster's Fireside

Over in Osseo, WI stands a restaurant with one mean wood-fired pizza grill. The pizza you get from Foster's Fireside is just unbelievable. Each pie is handled with so much detail and care because that's how much the people of this small town care about your experience. The pizzas to try here are the Margherita and the That Settles It CBR. The Margherita is made with a cauliflower crust, a parmesan garlic base topped with fresh mozzarella, freshly diced tomatoes, and basil. If you like anything "garlic", you will LOVE this pizza. On the other hand, the That Settles It CBR is a pizza with cauliflower crust topped with ranch drizzle, Wisconsin cheese, grilled chicken, and bacon crumble. You can't go wrong with either!

📍 Northwoods BrewPub

The recommended foodie item here landed a spot on Travel Wisconsin's list of "7 of Wisconsin's Most Unique Burgers." You better believe it's good! The Bacon Mac & Cheese Burger from Northwoods Brewpub in Osseo is a simple beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, macaroni & cheese, crispy bacon, and a surprising sriracha bourbon sauce. You'll be glad you tried this one! Pair your burger with one of their refreshing beers since Northwoods Brewpub is also a brewery! Everything here is comfort food done right.


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