Carson Park in Eau Claire

There's no denying it; Carson Park is the place to be in Eau Claire. From paying a visit to Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox to fishing at Half Moon Lake or catching an Eau Claire Express game during the summer, Carson Park has a long list of things for you to do. Did we mention it's also just a great place to simply be? The sights found here will unleash your inner peace, happiness and make you feel like you are at one with the universe. 

Things to Do

Wisconsin Logging Camp featuring Paul Bunyan at Carson Park

For a History Lesson

Visit the Chippewa Valley Museum

When you're wondering how the city of Eau Claire came to be the city it is today, pay a visit to the Chippewa Valley Museum. The exhibits here lay out a perfect timeline of how certain historical events in Eau Claire contributed to the city's current culture. 

Explore The Wisconsin Logging Museum

Did you know that way back when the logging industry was booming in Eau Claire and really the whole state of Wisconsin? The Wisconsin Logging Museum is also located in Carson Park right alongside the Chippewa Valley Museum. You can learn about the lives of lumberjacks and even get a photo with Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox!

The train at Carson Park in Eau Claire, WIPhoto by: Tim Abraham

For Family Fun

Take a Ride on the Chippewa Valley Railroad

All aboard! The Chippewa Valley Railroad train ride is suitable for all ages. Each summer, it takes you on a scenic, half-mile journey along Half Moon Lake and brings you right back to the park. They operate from noon until 5 PM on Sundays and holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day

Have a Picnic at Braun's Bay

Braun's Bay is a little pavilion that is west of Carson Park. In a way, it's a little peninsula because it's surrounded by water. It's a beautiful scenic area year-round making it the perfect spot for a little mid-day picnic. To find it, type "Braun's Bay Pavilion" into the GPS or take a look at our map of Carson Park at the bottom of this page. For more places to picnic, check out the Best Places to Picnic in Eau Claire

Let Imaginations Run Wild on the Playground

Kids have some of the most active imaginations. Let them run free on the Carson Park Playground! The play space here is incredible offering kids a variety of different things to try. They can run, slide, climb, and have the time of their lives. If they want more, there is another playground nearby at the Birch Picnic Area. While it is slightly smaller, it delivers the same amount of fun! Consult the map at the bottom of the page to find the playgrounds in the park for your next trip.

Get Ice Cream at The Chippewa Valley Museum

The Chippewa Valley Museum is located right in Carson Park as mentioned above. If the kids want a history lesson on the area, this is the place to go. Sometimes, kids just want a sweet treat! If that's the case, there's an ice cream parlor inside the museum where you can satisfy that scream for ice cream. It could be a good way to top off a sweet day at Carson Park! Go here if you're looking for more places to get ice cream in Eau Claire. 

Watch the Fireworks on the 4th of July

When you're seeking a spot in the city to lay down the lawn chairs or the blanket to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, start your search for an open spot at Carson Park. The fireworks get launched very close by so, you're guaranteed the best view in town. For more places to get the best view, check out our Top Five Places to Watch the Fireworks in Eau Claire.

The crowd and the field at an Eau Claire Express game at Carson Park

For Entertainment & Some Healthy Competition

Go Fishing

Carson Park is surrounded by Half Moon Lake. Therefore, the lake is a perfect spot to set up your fishing rods and enjoy some time out in the sun waiting for a lucky catch. People do it year-round! Half Moon Lake is also a popular destination for ice fishing fans. 

Try Geocaching 

Rumor has it that Carson Park has some cleverly hidden caches. Set out geocaching to find them and enjoy the different views along the way!

Play a Game of Horseshoes

If you have a set of horseshoes lying around your garage, Carson Park has a rink for you to play at. Grab your friends for a game or two and join them for some friendly competition! Losers have to buy a round of beers at one of Eau Claire's local breweries?

Start a Game of Tennis or Softball

Carson Park also has a few tennis courts along with a softball field. Whatever your game is, you can bring your equipment and have a space to play here.

Hit The Trails

Sometimes, you just want to set out and explore. Carson Park has trails between the leafy trees and pines made for walks/runs when you just want to set out to find the greatest views or get some exercise. 

Get Tickets for an Eau Claire Express Baseball Game

Carson Park is home to the Eau Claire Express! Their season begins on Memorial Day weekend and goes through early August. You can catch a baseball game here on a regular weekday or make it a fun weekend activity with your closest friends and family. Find their season home schedule here.

Cheer For the UWEC Blugolds

In the fall, you can expect Carson Park to be filled with a sea of blue and gold. The UWEC football team plays on the field in Carson Park bringing fans from all over. While the game will have you on the edge of your seat, the real excitement comes at halftime when the Blugold Marching Band storms the field. UWEC is actually home to one of the largest collegiate marching bands in the nation. Their members take up the entire field and really know how to get you up and dancing with their renditions of popular songs!

Carson Park Map


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Recreational Trails in Carson Park

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