Eau Claire Art

To find art in Eau Claire, all you have to do is take a walk. It's everywhere. 

One of the first things you'll notice on your walk around Eau Claire are the sculptures placed all over downtown. These sculptures come from all around the world and are part of the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire. Make sure you check them all out while you can because they get replaced by new ones every May. Another thing that will be impossible to miss during your walk are the massive murals coving the walls of downtown Eau Claire. These Eau Claire-inspired murals are the perfect backdrop for our downtown events/festivals, and as you can imagine, many photoshoots. 

When on your walk, the shops, restaurants and galleries you pass by will constantly tempt you to stop in. Well, if you want to experience the thriving art scene in Eau Claire, give in to the temptation. The shops are always selling local art and crafts, most restaurants have local art adorning the walls and the galleries are the best way to see all of the art displayed.

And don't forget all of the art-centered events Eau Claire consistently hosts, such as the Banbury Art Crawl, Chalkfest, Jazz Festival and more. Plus, for all of you performance art fans, the Pablo Center's shows are unbeatable, and the building is a work of art itself. 


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