Student Life

We're proud to have the most beautiful campus in Wisconsin right in our backyard. UW-Eau Claire adds a certain spunk to the city. A town full of college kids means amazing, fresh ideas, a constant flow of people, a thriving nightlife and always have new and fun ideas and events. UW-Eau Claire and all of the Blugolds have helped shape Eau Claire.

UW-Eau Claire Bucket List

See the Blugold Marching Band  

UW-Eau Claire is known for the BMB. People come from far and wide just to see them perform at halftime and at other events around the city. Not only is the music amazing, their performance skills are sure to leave you with a smile on your face. With over 400 members in the band alone, you will never forget seeing such a huge amount of Blugolds come together and celebrate. There's no way you can become a Blugold with experiencing this. 

Watch a live performance at The Cabin

UW-Eau Claire is home to many talented groups. That includes bands, improv groups, comedians and poets, and you can watch them all perform at The Cabin right on campus. This venue is the ideal hang out place because people of all ages are welcome. If you're 21+, you're welcome to enjoy a beer, but also anyone underage can hang out and have some coffee as well. Embrace all the talent UW-Eau Claire has to offer. 

Climb the hill

Oh, the dreaded hill. What a love-hate relationship students have with it. Climbing the hill is truly a right of passage for UW-Eau Claire students, especially you freshmen. You'll probably be short of breath by the end, but you are sure to have a sense of accomplishment. It may get better by the end of the year... Maybe.

Enjoy the fall views from the stairs behind Davies 

Skip the hill and take the stairs to upper campus; you'll especially enjoy these views in the fall when all of the trees are beginning to change colors. This view is sure to take your breath away and make you proud to be a Blugold. We truly have the most beautiful campus. 

Sit by the fire pit on Garfield Ave.

All of the construction sure was worth it. Go hang out and enjoy the view of the river by a nice, warm fire set up on Garfield Ave. This new addition to campus sure is beautiful; I mean, who can resist some string lights and a nice, enticing fire? 

Get a picture with Blu

If you go to any UW-Eau Claire event, or even if you're just walking around campus, you're sure to see the beloved mascot Blu. Blu loves to get into trouble and is truly a master at taking selfies, so make sure to take advantage of the photo-op and make all of your friends at home jealous of your awesome college experience. 

Hang out on upper campus 

In the warm months, don't forget to take advantage of the volleyball courts and plenty of open fields on upper campus. Whether you're looking for a nice, relaxing day doing homework outside in a field, want to play a game of frisbee or catch or are feeling a friendly game of volleyball – all of this and more is happening on upper campus. There is truly no community like UW-Eau Claire's. You'll feel like you're in a movie while you're enjoying your time here.

Support the Blugold athletes 

Support your peers at a Blugold athletic event! Bundle up at a hockey game, check out a basketball tournament, cheer on the volleyball team or watch a swimming meet. There are so many ways to support the Blugold community, and this is simply a fun one!