Eau Claire State Trail System

Gear up for a thrilling ride through Eau Claire and its surrounding communities! Over 70 miles of trails wind their way along the Chippewa Valley's rivers, through wooded bluffs, past sprawling farmland, and in and out of charming towns. The Chippewa River State Trail, Red Cedar State Trail and the Old Abe State Trail all cross paths through Eau Claire. Cruise your way from Eau Claire to surrounding cities like Chippewa Falls, Durand, or Menomonie, and be prepared to be amazed along the way. Keep your eyes peeled as you pedal for eagles and other critters lurking in and above trees. And plan for some extra time during your ride! There are quaint coffee houses, shops, breweries, and other attractions located right off the Eau Claire State Trail System that are certainly worth the stop. Browse our day trips to see itineraries for how to spend your time in the neighboring towns and cities of Eau Claire.


Trail Distances

Chippewa River & Old Abe Trails
  • Eau Claire ➡️ Chippewa Falls | 12 Miles
  • Chippewa Falls ➡️ Cornell | 19 Miles
Chippewa River & Red Cedar Trails
  • Menomonie ➡️ Irvington | 3 Miles
  • Irvington ➡️ Downsville | 4 Miles
  • Downsville ➡️ Dunnville Wildlife Area | 4 Miles
  • Dunnville Wildlife Area ➡️ Durand | 6 Miles
  • Dunnville Wildlife Area ➡️ Meridean | 8 Miles 
  • Meridean ➡️ Caryville | 6 Miles
  • Caryville ➡️ Eau Claire | 6 Miles


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