River Prairie

You know what they say... When life gives you rivers, USE THEM! That's exactly the thought that the City of Altoona, Visit Eau Claire and Ayres Associates had in mind when discussion of this development first started. Located just a few minutes from the heart of Downtown Eau Claire, on a beautiful bend of the Eau Claire River, this site will soon be filled with the ambient sounds of local musicians and sights kayakers and canoers, eager to take off on a river adventure. 

So join us as we dream of the possibilities this place will hold and get ready for it to become a reality.

P10 Fest

Join us for the inaugural P10 Fest in River Prairie on June 16th, 2018.

"P10" refers to the "Power of 10." This language was created by an organization called the Project for Public Spaces. The Project for Public Spaces promotes active and engaging public spaces around the world and educate people on the importance of such spaces. River Prairie Park was built using Project for Public Spaces placemaking principles. Power of 10 means that in order to activate a public space, you need to fill it with a wide variety of activities and points of interest appealing to a very wide and diverse demographic. The P10 Festival, following suit, will celebrate those things that people in the Chippewa Valley are passionate about.

For more information, visit P10Fest.com