Eau Claire Walking & Driving Tours Self-Guided Audio Tours

The Making of a Lumber Capital 

This walking tour will take you back to Eau Claire's first settlers, impressive lumber era, and early manufacturers and entertainment venues, while covering what the city was like in the year 1900. The tour also has great stories about Eau Claire's Steamboat Era and the Downtown Trolley to name just a few things.

Pricing: $6.00
Time: 1:00 Hour
Length: 2.0 Miles
Type: Walking

Downtown Eau Claire Historical Walking Tour

This tour encompasses The Making of a Lumber Capital Tour with the additional years of 1900 to 1930. Not only will you hear about Eau Claire's fascinating early years, but also what Downtown Eau Claire looked like in 1930 and why it was an entertainment powerhouse.

Pricing: $7.00 per person
Time: 1:30 Hours
Length: 2.6 miles
Type: Walking

Eau Claire Sports Driving Tour

This tour goes in-depth on Eau Claire area's sports history, from legendary Hank Aaron's early playing days here, to our Olympians, Hall of Famers, and National Championships. Toss in some great sporting venues and unique side stories involving Eau Calrie sports and this tour is sure to be a Home Run!

Pricing: $7.00 
Time: 1:15 hours
Length: 10 miles
Type: Driving


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