Eau Claire Winter Color Routes

In the midwest, we boast our pride and gratitude for all four seasons. In the fall, people aimlessly drive around on fall color routes just to see the magic of nature as the trees begin to change colors and leaves start to fall to the ground. The magic doesn't just stop once snow rolls around in the winters. When a blanket of snow covers Eau Claire, our city becomes our very own snow globe. When the roads are plowed, salted, and safe to travel on, venture out for a little drive on our winter color routes. The pines covered in snow and tree branches laying under frost will make for a truly wonderful scene. To help guide your trip, we recommend the following routes throughout our area:

  • Highway 37 toward Mondovi | Google Map
  • Highway 85 toward Durand | Google Map
  • Highway 93 toward La Crosse | Google Map
  • Highway 178 and 64 toward Cornell | Google Map
  • Highway 12 toward Augusta | Google Map
  • "Rustic Road" in Meridean, WI - County Hwy O off Highway 85 | Google Map
    • This Rustic Road follows the Chippewa River and takes you through wooded areas, under canopies, and leaves you with breathtaking sights to take in.

Winter Scenes

HWY 37 toward Mondovi
Snow dusted landscape off of hwy 37


Open field covered in snow off of hwy 37

HWY O off HWY 85
Water and frost covered trees off Hwy O Hwy 85


Road dusted with snow surrounded by trees off of Hwy O and Hwy 85

HWY 93 toward La Crosse

Open plain views from Hwy 93 of winter color routes

HWY 178 toward Cornell
Snow covered field and red house in the distance from Hwy 178


Trees and landscape covered in snow off of Hwy 178

HWY 12 toward Augusta

Car bridge covered in snow on Hwy 12

Little pine tree surrounded by snow off of Hwy 12