Eau Claire Group Spring Itinerary

The birds have perched on tree branches again and the Chippewa River is no longer covered in ice. Must mean that it's spring in Eau Claire! There's no better time for new and fresh experiences with your group than during the season of rebirth. The crew can stroll through several museums together, get crafty at art classes or go head-to-head in a game of Kubb. Our group spring itinerary will have the crew not only enjoying their time in Eau Claire but making memories they will cherish forever. If our picks aren't the right fit for your group, we can work with you! Contact our Senior Sales Manager, Dana Crosson, to help you build and customize the perfect spring itinerary for your group!

Chippewa Valley Museum

Learn the history behind the Chippewa Valley at the museum that tells the story best. The group can stroll through the many different exhibits that show how Eau Claire came to be the city it is today.

Wisconsin Logging Museum

Did you know that Eau Claire used to be a pivotal city in the logging industry? In the 19th century, the city of Eau Claire supplied more lumber than anywhere else in the country! You can learn that and a whole lot more at the Wisconsin Logging Museum. Don't leave until you've taken the group's picture in front of the infamous Paul Bunyan and Babe! 

Waldemar Ager Museum

Visit the Ager Museum during your time in Eau Claire. The house was built in 1896 and was home to Waldemar Ager and his wife Gurolle. They lived in this house until 1962 and throughout all that time, raised nine of their kids. Learn more about Waldemar Ager and the house during your group tour!

Pablo Center at the Confluence

When you want a show-stopping performance or a concert that'll bring the audience to their feet, plan a visit to the Pablo Center. Each spring brings a fresh new line-up for the year and you'll want to get tickets so you don't miss what all the buzz is about. After the show, enjoy the beauty of the confluence of the rivers and the sights at Phoenix Park during spring. 

Beaver Creek Reserve

If there is one place near Eau Claire where to enjoy the wonders of spring, it's Beaver Creek Reserve. You can do some bird-watching, learn about different plant species, go stargazing and learn how to be a friend to our environment. Beaver Creek is guaranteed to make the group feel like they are one with nature.


You and the group will be standing in the kubb capital of North America so, it's only right that you play a game or two! There are plenty of parks and open spaces for you to set up your pitch and bring out the group's competitive side like River Prairie, Owen Park or Carson Park. Who's going to get that king pin knocked over?!

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