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Eau Claire Pizza Places

From the fine-dining Draganetti’s to the laid back and casual Sammy's Pizza Palace & Pub, Eau Claire provides you with enjoyable pizza-eating experiences all across town. Whether you’re looking for a romantic Italian date or a crazy pizza party, we’ve got it all right here. Eau Claire restaurants each offer a new and diverse dining experience and the pizza in Eau Claire will keep you reaching for another slice.

One place that tosses pizza dough in their kitchen and does it real well is Za 51 in River Prairie. The thin crust pizzas on their menu with unique paired toppings create flavors that you won't find anywhere else in Eau Claire. Just imagine the waiter walking up with a warm, cheesy, crisp and delicious pizza pan that smells like the best mix of zest, marinara, and a hint of garlic. While the pizza is star of the show here, Za 51 also serves other Italian dishes that are serious crowd pleasers too.

When you want your pizza pulled out of a wood-fired grill, head over to Foster's Fireside in Osseo. Their wood-fired grill is located right in the dining space so you can even watch the whole process of your pizza being made! They also offer outdoor picnic-styled seating and welcome pups so you can take a seat outside and bring your dog along for a fun dining experience. Their pizza is so good, you may want to order a box to take home too.

Pizza fans everywhere know that no pizza is the same. You can have a totally different pizza experience at The District, The Plus, Northern Tap House or all of the other pizza joints in town. Taste test all the pizza pies and find your favorite in Eau Claire!


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