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Winter Recreation in Eau Claire

When Eau Claire gets covered underneath a blanket of snow, it becomes a whole new land of winter play and fun. There are trails to glide on and hills to slide down on too. And here, there is no such thing as "too cold". When you want to play in the snow, it's ready for you and hopes that you've brought your hat and mittens. If you're ready to experience winter our way, the snow, the great outdoors, and Eau Claire await you. Here's what you can expect to do in our cool city during the good ol' Wisconsin winters.

PlAcES To Go

From cross country skiing trails to outdoor ice skating rinks, the list of winter recreation opportunities in Eau Claire is endless. Find the best places to go based on the winter activity you want to do here.


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Learn About Wintermission Eau Claire

Wintermission Eau Claire is a groundbreaking program to reduce social isolation and support outdoor physical activity in winter. Eau Claire is one of three Wintermission cities and will help set new standards for winter-friendly cities in the United States by developing a unique winter city strategy. Learn more about Wintermission Eau Claire here!

Don't have the right winter gear but want to get in on the winter fun? Don't fret! Eau Claire has a "Gear Share" program through Wintermission that offers free snow gear rentals (snowshoes, skates, hockey sticks, etc.) to visitors and Wisconsin residents. Learn more about where to find the gear and how to get it here.


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