Ice Fishing in Eau Claire

Bundle up, pack your ice shanty, and tell your friends and family that you're "Gone Fishin'" in Eau Claire, WI! Ice fishing is a popular winter activity here in Eau Claire as our lakes freeze over and are covered in a nice, thick layer of snow each year. Explore some of the best lakes to visit in our area and plan your stay in Eau Claire. 

Each February, UW-Eau Claire Recreation, Blugold Athletics, and the Lake Wissota Lions Club partner to put on the Annual Jig's UP Ice Fishing Contest. This cool (pun intended) event is set to take place on Saturday, February 12, 2022, from 7 AM-2 PM. Find more details on how to participate here

Ice Safety

Our friends at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are the experts when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors on the ice safely. Here are 6 safety tips from the WI DNR to remember as you head out on the ice this season:

1. Dress warmly in layers.
2. Don't go alone. Head out with family or friends. Take a cellphone if available, and make sure someone knows where you are and when you are expected to return.
3. Know before you go. Don't travel in areas you are not familiar with and don't travel at night or during reduced visibility.
4. Avoid inlets, outlets, or narrows that may have current that can thin the ice.
5. Look for clear ice, which is generally stronger than ice with snow on it or bubbles in it. Carry some basic safety gear: ice claws or picks, a cellphone in a waterproof bag or case, a life jacket and length of rope. 


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