Leinie Lodge

Are you ready to join the Leinie side?! The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company has been brewing beer in Chippewa Falls for over 155 years. We could tell you what bits and pieces of that history but we don't want to spoil what you'll learn while out on the brewery tour. Plan your Leinie Lodge getaway and get ready to relax with family and friends, sample fresh, award-winning beers and get the full flavor of all things Leinenkugel's! 

No matter what you're here for, the historic tour, the beer, or the collectibles, it'll all begin at the Leinie Lodge. Brewery tours are encouraged to be booked online in advance, but the Leinie Lodge crew does offer walk-in tours during their normal hours on a first-come, first-serve basis. It'd be a shame to leave without trying the fruits of their labor.

After (or before if you just can't wait any longer for a sip of beer) your tour, pay a visit to the bar and order your beer samples. Did you know that you can mix their beers to create a whole new beer? Yes - it's a little term that Leinenkugel's likes to call "brewology". Let's just say... it's our favorite kind of science up here in the Chippewa Valley. Grab your pints or flights and pull up a seat next to the cozy fire inside during the winters or pair a perfect summer day with friends and family at a table on their outdoor patio. Did we mention your pups can join outside too? Yeah, this place just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?! 

From the moment you arrive, you'll be captivated by the natural beauty surrounding the brewery. Capture the scenery and your memorable moments with some photos! It's no secret that Leinenkugel's has some iconic photo ops throughout their grounds. Climb up on the big Leinenkugel's chair, stand under the rustic red barn, say "cheese" under the tap at the bar, or capture the moment of you doing your first "cheers" with a Leinie's beer in hand from wherever you're sitting. If there's one thing we can assure you, it's that you can never go wrong joining the Leinie side! 

Other Things to Do While You're Here

Go Shopping 

There's a good chance you're going to find some good stuff to bring home with you from the Lodge (that isn't beer). Leinie Lodge sells a variety of merchandise that'll look good on you, hanging on your basement wall or sitting on a bar shelf in a classic man-cave. If you want to continue shopping for "Northwoods" goods, check out local shops like The Local Store, Tangled Up In Hue, Raggedy Man and so many others in Eau Claire.

Indulge in a Classic Wisconsin Fish Fry

If you've already drunk Wisconsin beer and ate Wisconsin curds, then all that's left is a Wisconsin fish fry (maybe an Old Fashioned too, but we can get to that in a second). Locals rave about the fish fries at 4 Mile, Court'n House and Connell's Supper Club. Find all the restaurants in Eau Claire that serve up some mean fish on a Friday night here

Soak in the Eau Claire Art Scene

Eau Claire is oftentimes referred to as one of the art capitals in the nation. That's because almost anywhere you look or go in the city, you can find some form of it. Take some time to embark on the self-guided Eau Claire Sculpture Tour, hunt down all the murals throughout the city, or catch a show at Pablo Center.

Visit the Local Wineries + Distilleries

We told you we'd circle back to that Old Fashioned! While you're exploring the tasty beverages the Chippewa Valley has to offer, take some time to visit the wineries and distilleries nearby as well. 

Suggested Places to Stay

When you're planning your Leinie Lodge getaway, you want a hotel that's conveniently close to all the action. Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn, and Staybridge Suites are all located along HWY 53 - the road you'll want to take to get to the Leinie Lodge in under 20 minutes and maximize your beer-drinking time. 

Plan Your Leinie Lodge Getaway!

How to Get Here from Eau Claire


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