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About Visit Eau Claire

The Short and Sweet:

Visit Eau Claire is the official destination marketing organization for the Eau Claire Area.  Learn more about who we are and how we can help you!

Visit Eau Claire exists to effectively market the Eau Claire Area as a destination for conventions, sporting events, group tour and leisure markets; to promote regional economic growth and to enhance and maintain the area's overall identity and image.

A Little More Detail:

Visit Eau Claire invites local businesses of any market and size to become a partner and increase their brand awareness in our area.  Our organization can assist you to ensure your marketing dollar is stretched to its maximum.  Our advertising reaches visitors of all interests when they are planning their trips and making decisions about things to do, places to see and where to go!  Become a partner with Visit Eau Claire to ensure leisure, business, and sports travelers are aware of your business and offerings!

The People:

Staff Info

Behind the scenes of Visit Eau Claire is the staff - a group of people working hard to make sure you enjoy your time here in our favorite city. Click here to see just what they're all about.

Board of Directors

In order to make sure we provide the best information, plan the best events and move Eau Claire in a direction that benefits everyone, Visit Eau Claire is under the guidance of a Board of Directors made up of its stakeholders - a variety of business owners and elected officials that care deeply about our great city and want what's best for it and everyone who visits here.

Staff Blog

Being part of Visit Eau Claire means we're out and about all the time - whether it's for lunch meetings, after work dinner socials or weekend getaways. Check out this section to see what we think and enjoy about the city we live and play in.