Imagine the sun shining down on you through the treetops while you sway back and forth in a light summer breeze in your hammock. It’s the perfect setting to unwind and enjoy the sights and sounds of Eau Claire and maybe even catch a short nap in. Here are some of the best and most scenic places to hang your hammock in Eau Claire.

Owen Park

Owen Park is a hammocking paradise. Being that this park is located right alongside the Chippewa River near the UW-Claire campus and has no shortage of trees, it's a super popular hammocking spot. If you're around in the summer, bring your hammock here on Tuesday nights for the outdoor Tuesday Night Blues concert series!

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is another great spot to hang your hammock and enjoy the beautiful views of Eau Claire. Like Owen Park, Phoenix Park is located alongside the Chippewa River, but just on the other side of it. You can come here to just hang, sway and relax but know that summer in Phoenix Park is BUSY! It feels like there's always something going on. Pack your hammock with you for Volume One's Sounds Like Summer Concert Series, Food Truck Fridays, or to have with you after you visit the downtown Eau Claire farmers market!

Mt. Simon

Here we go again... another location right along the river. Can you blame us, though?! We have to embrace our river roots! Some things you can typically spot while hammocking at Mt. Simon are cliff jumpers, stunning sunsets, and if you're lucky some midwestern wildlife!

Carson Park

Okay, here's one that isn't alongside a river. Instead, it's alongside a lake! Half Moon Lake surrounds Carson Park and offers its very own scenic views. Carson Park is quite large, so if you don't know where to settle in, we recommend exploring Braun's Bay first. Other cool things to explore in Carson Park are pieces from the Eau Claire Sculpture Tour, The Chippewa Valley Museum, The Wisconsin Logging Museum, or a ridiculously cool playground for kids! 

Domer Park

Domer Park is the smallest out of this bunch, but if you're looking for something a little more secluded, this spot may be at the top of your list. It's essentially across the river from the cliff jumping location at Mt. Simon. You'll find plenty of trees here for the perfect hammock setup.

River Prairie

Although River Prairie is technically in Altoona, WI, it's still really close to Eau Claire! Plus, we like to consider ourselves neighborly! River Prairie has a long list of ideal places for you to hammock. Find a couple of trees alongside the trail that runs along the Eau Claire River, or use the wooden posts throughout the park that are specifically made to encourage hammocking! You can find them in three spots: 1) near the Prevea Ampitheater on the walking trail, 2) near the pond and corn crib off of the trail, and 3) in the central park near Prairie Creek. 

Remember your hammock etiquette:

1. Don’t hang your hammock across a trail.
2. Don’t block a popular view.
3. Be respectful of the trees you hang your hammock on and the surrounding nature.

No need to wait any longer. Go grab that hammock of yours, a book to read, and a pillow to rest your head on when you feel yourself starting to doze off. Share your Eau Claire hammock setup with us by using #CaptureEC! P.S. - if this blog hasn't convinced you how rad hammocking in Eau Claire is, maybe this TikTok will. 


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