Love is the key here in Eau Claire! No seriously -  we have a mural in downtown Eau Claire that literally says "Love Is The Key". That's one reason why Eau Claire, WI is the perfect city to plan a wedding in. Let your life's special moments take place against the backdrop of our beautiful city!  Unveiled below is a curated collection of 15 gorgeous places to take wedding or engagement photos in Eau Claire. 

A couple walking on S Bridge in the summerPhoto Credit: Travel Wisconsin (Photo at S Bridge near Banbury Place)

1. Eau Claire Bridges

They said that Paris, France is the city of love. Well, Eau Claire is the city of bridges! There are 9+ unique bridges located all throughout the city, each offering stunning views. Some of our very favorites include the S Bridge across the street from Banbury Place, the Haymarket Plaza bridge that lights up at night, and the High Bridge where golden hour just looks unreal and makes for the most perfect photo light. 

2. Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is a timeless setting that will beautifully frame the beginning of your love story. Located at the confluence of the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers, this park's serene riverfront views are just what you need for the backdrop of your photos. With its lush greenery, lovely flower beds and central downtown location, it is a seamless blend of natural and urban elements. 

3. Lowes Creek

Looking for wedding or engagement photos with an earthy, boho feel? We recommend Lowes Creek. This park is typically known for its mountain biking trails in the summer and snowshoe and cross country ski trails in the winter. With that being said,  the majestic trees and winding trails throughout the park make Lowes Creek the perfect place for photos year-round.

Scenery at Big Falls County Park during the summer

Photo: Big Falls County Park

4. Big Falls County Park

The soothing sounds of cascading water and natural light filtering through the tree branches - that's what you can expect at Big Falls County Park. This area is also incredibly beautiful when fall colors take over.  

5. River Prairie

River Prairie Park in Altoona has a variety of different unique spots where you can strike your pose. This park features wide open green space a riverfront trail and moody lights strung across the central patio - all ideal settings for your special photos. If it's engagement photos you're here for, head over to any of the restaurants in this business district to celebrate! One more fun fact: River Prairie is also a phenomenal place to host weddings! If this area speaks to you, check out the River Prairie Center and consider making this your wedding venue!

6. Carson Park

Carson Park in Eau Claire is a super neat and historic place! This area is located on a 134-acre peninsula created on an oxbow lake (Half Moon Lake). Snap some pictures on the trails surrounded by wooded pine trees or head near the lake for a waterfront setting. This is another place in Eau Claire where fall colors reign supreme if your looking for a photo session during autumn.

7. Leinie Lodge

This one is for the beer-loving couples! Leinie Lodge is home to the legendary Leinenkugel's Brewing Company. The historic grounds of this brewery offer a more rusting and Northwoods ambiance if that's what you're looking for in your photos. Get a few shots in front of the red barn, on the bridge and passes over the Chippewa River, and of course, on the ginormous Leinie Lounger!

The exterior of River Bend Winery & Distillery in the Town of Wheaton

Photo: River Bend Winery & Distillery

8. Rive Bbend Winery & Distillery

We know beer isn't for everyone, but how about wine? River Bend Winery & Distillery in the Town of Wheaton makes you feel like you've been transported to a European countryside, and for that very reason, it is a fantastic spot to come to for engagement or wedding photos. Make sure to make a stop inside for a delicious wine or spirit tasting too!

9. Brewing Projekt

A wedding trend that we've seen take off through the years is weddings and photos with a more "industrial" feel. The Brewing Projekt in Eau Claire will give you just that kind of atmosphere. The inside of this brewery is warm and inviting, yet raw and rugged when it comes to the architectural design. They also have a cool rooftop that overlooks the Chippewa River if you want a balance of indoor and outdoor photo settings without moving too far. Did we mention this brewery is dog-friendly? If you plan to have your pups in your photos, this may be the perfect place for you!

10. Rod & Gun Park

This is the place we'd scream from the rooftops if you told us you want your engagement/wedding photos somewhere magical and enchanting. Rod & Gun Park, tucked away right behind Carson Park, is absolutely gorgeous. Willow trees hang their branches low and make the park feel like something that came out of a fairytale. 

11. UW-Eau Claire

Are you a Blugold? Did you meet your partner at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire? If so, why not take your engagement or wedding photos back at the place where it all started?! After all, UW-Eau Claire is dubbed at "Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Campus"!

Barstow St. in downtown Eau Claire lit up at night in the winter during the holiday season

Photo: Barstow St. in Downtown Eau Claire

12. Downtown Eau Claire

If we look at our city as a whole body, downtown Eau Claire is the heart. You can expect a balance of a quaint yet modern feel as the city's historic architecture, unique street art, and charming businesses effortlessly blend to create a timeless urban background. Consider some evening shots when Barstow St. is lit up with twinkly lights! 

13. Lake Altoona County Park

Maybe your Pinterest mood board for engagement or wedding photos includes a beachy background. Consider Lake Altoona County Park as your destination for the photoshoot! This park has a public beach along the lake that makes for a stunning photo setting, especially at sunset or golden hour! 

14. Eau Claire Orchards

Fall is a phenomenal time to get engagement or wedding photos done! Imagine how magical your photos will look with cozy sweaters, warm fall colors, and falling leaves?! The only other thing you need is an autumnal setting. Lucky for you, Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley are home to an array of different orchards. Get cozy with your partner and snap a few pictures in the aisles of apple trees or pumpkin patches! 

15. Owen Park

Topping off this list of great places to take engagement and wedding photos in Eau Claire is Owen Park. This is another park located along the banks of the Chippewa River, widely popular with the students at UW-Eau Claire due to its proximity to campus, but also loved by the locals for its simplistic ambiance. There are plenty of trees and greenery at this park if that's something you're envisioning for your pictures!

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