A perfect summer morning starts with sunny skies, chirping birds, and berry patches! While the seasons are short, berry-picking is an annual family-friendly way to get outdoors, experience the countryside, and pick your own produce. This summer, explore the berry best farms for berry picking near Eau Claire!

Berry Picking Seasons in Eau Claire, WI
  • Strawberries | Early - Late June
  • Blueberries | Mid July - Late August
  • Raspberries | Early July - September

Two kids walking through the strawberry fields at Little Berry Farm

Photo: Little Berry Farm

Little Berry Farm

First up, this you-pick farm is located 4 miles south of Eau Claire and operates in strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry seasons. Little Berry Farm does not use any chemicals or sprays on their fields and works hard to offer healthy produce. This farm recommends bringing your own containers such as ice cream pails or flat cardboard boxes. Keep in touch with Little Berry Farm on their Facebook page to see when the berries are ripe for picking!

Hidden Acres Berry Farm

Hidden Acres offers organic blueberries in their patches every summer just outside of Eau Claire. The blueberries are typically ready to eat within the first few weeks of July and remain in season through mid to late August. If you're lucky, you may even run into some animals that are hunting for berries, too! The farm is typically open on weekends Friday-Sunday to allow time for regrowth. Follow along with Hidden Acres Berry Farm to see their updates on the blueberry season.

Mcilquham Orchard and Strawberries

Located in Osseo, WI, Mcilquham Orchard has been a family-owned business since 1993 offering strawberries and honeycrisp apples. The orchard is predicting to have healthy strawberries available in early-mid June for you-pick or pre-picked buckets. Mcilquham also offers some of their produce at stands around Eau Claire throughout the summer. In the strawberry season, they even deliver fresh berries to Foster's Fireside to use for cocktails! Stay in touch with Mcilquham Orchard on Facebook to know when their berries are ready and where they'll be available!

Foster Farm's Strawberries

Another berry farm near Mcilquham Orchard in Foster, WI, is Foster Farm's Strawberries! In this strawberry sanctuary side of Osseo, Foster's brings a classic berry-picking experience and has been in business since 1979. Bring the family out for a day of berry picking this season, and explore other ways to experience Osseo on a day trip!

A photo of the raspberry bushes at Connell's Orchard

Photo: Connell's Family Orchard

Connell's Family Orchard

Operating since 1858, Connell's Family Orchard is a long-time, family-favorite place to experience in the various seasons. Connell's offers you-pick raspberries in the late summer and through early fall, sometimes lasting through October! The bushes are abundant with juicy, bright red berries that are tasty on their own or baked into desserts. Blueberries are in season starting in July and can be picked into the late summer months. Follow Connell's Family Orchard on Facebook to see how the berries are progressing, and stay tuned for apple picking and Halloween events in the fall!

Govin's Farm

Govin's Farm is gearing up for another strawberry season in Menomonie, WI! Govin's believes in making strawberry picking an event for the whole family and offers rides to and from the patches. With six acres of strawberries, Govin's fields are filled with pickers from opening day through late June to early July. The farm is predicting berries to be ready in mid-June in 2024, but if you can't contain your excitement, you can text Govinsfarm25 to 91011 to receive all the updates on the strawberry season. Govin's invites you to pick your own strawberries but also offers pre-picked berries at the farm or at stands in Menomonie and Eau Claire. Visit their website to learn more information about berry picking at Govin's!

Augusta Blueberries

Take a day trip to Augusta to pick your own blueberries at Augusta Blueberries. Starting in mid-July, Augusta Blueberries claims their best and easiest picking happens in the first three weeks of the season. The first bushes were planted in 2005, and while it wasn't much at first, the blueberry patch has since grown to be 6 acres with 11 varieties of highbush blueberries. After filling your buckets with berries, check out Augusta Blueberries' website to see recipe inspiration to turn your pickings into tasty treats!

Blueberry Ridge Orchard

About 20 minutes south of Eau Claire, you can pick some of the finest blueberries at Blueberry Ridge Orchard in Eleva, WI. This location offers an impressive 25 acres of full berry bushes every summer and grows varieties including Patriot, Northland, Blueray, Toro, Bluecrop, and Nelson blueberries. While it's always a fun family activity to fill your buckets in the fields, Blueberry Ridge has pre-picked berries available for purchase. The blueberry orchard is also on-site with Bemis Bluff Winery, a stunning and delicious countryside place to sip on locally-made wine!

Bushel & A Peck

One of the Chippewa Valley's best apple orchards also offers raspberries to pick! Bushel & A Peck is located in Chippewa Falls, WI, and dedicates an area of their orchard to juicy raspberry bushes. In the late summer to early fall months, the berries are big and full of flavor! Get a wagon ride out to the raspberry bushes in the orchard, or feel free to walk out with your own containers.


Note: Many berry patches only accept cash or check payments. Visit each location's website to view their payment details.

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