Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious visitor, the art galleries in Eau Claire offer a dynamic spectrum of artistic expression, providing a glimpse into the city's vibrant art scene. In Eau Claire, every color, every stroke, and every piece of work adds to the evolving narrative of the city's artistic spirit. Browse this list of art galleries in Eau Claire and plan your next artful adventure. 

People browsing through art at the Volume One/Local Store Art Gallery

Photo: Volume One Gallery

The Volume One Gallery (at the Local Store)

You can shop for a lot of cool, locally made goods at the Local Store, including the artwork found in the Volume One Gallery attached to their store. Their rotating art exhibit displays the work of local and regional artists. The best part about this gallery is that it's a multi-use space that also hosts events like art shows, receptions, live music, readings, film screenings and much more. 

Caradori Pottery

Pottery has been made at Caradori Pottery since 1970. This cute shop is considered to be a hidden gem in Eau Claire as it's tucked away in the Shawtown area of the city on the west side of Eau Claire. If you're browsing for ceramic art, this is one of the best places to come in Eau Claire.

Pablo Center at the Confluence

Pablo Center is Eau Claire's state-of-the-art hub for art of all kinds. You can catch a hit Broadway show here or stand up and dance at a concert. At the same time, it is home to several art galleries and rotating art exhibits. Take a peek at their calendar of events to see which artists and what shows they are hosting. 

Art on display at B-Framed Art Gallery

Photo: B-Framed Galleries

B-Framed Galleries

You can find two floors worth of international art, local art, fine art, photography and sculptures at B-Framed Galleries in downtown Eau Claire. They also create frames for one-of-a-kind works of art. If you're at artist looking to frame your masterpiece(s), look no further.

Galaudet Gallery

The Galaudet Gallery in Eau Claire is one of two of its locations with the other being in Chicago, IL. Their professionalism has helped them attain a reputable name and become one of the leading dealers in modern and contemporary art with museums and clients worldwide. 

a photo inside 2 Roots with tables and endless wine bottles

2 Roots Art & Wine Gallery

Previously known as 200 Main, 2 Roots Art & Wine Gallery specializes in a wide selection of artwork dating from the 1800s to 2022 and ranging from $100 to $100,000. They also have a large variety of self-serve wines to try along with bottles for purchase. Art and wine? Sounds like the place to be!

Artisan Forge

There are so many different forms of art to be explored at Artisan Forge. Their gallery and gift shop sell pieces from each of their artists that you can take home with you. Art can also be found on the outside of their building. Murals plaster the building's walls and there is a large sculpture garden that surrounds the premises. 

Ruth Foster Art Gallery

Frequently hosting curated exhibitions organized by UW-Eau Claire's art department, Foster Art Gallery is one of the largest hubs for original artwork in Eau Claire. The gallery presents a variety of different art mediums including illustrations, pottery, sculptures, video art, and beyond.

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