The Tuning Tree | 515 S Barstow St, Ste 117 | 715-514-3700 |

An ever-evolving love story unfolds at Tuning Tree as owners Anthony and Katie offer healing services for both body and mind in Downtown Eau Claire.

Situated in the South Barstow District of Downtown Eau Claire, Tuning Tree, benefits from the hard work of the many hands that make the city so gorgeous. “We’re happy to benefit from the change of focus downtown,” which he recognizes has been decades in the making.  Anthony vibes on the dynamism of the different humans that daily move in and out of the downtown corridors; in and out of the “secret little oasis” where one can find Tuning Tree rooted. The ones that call downtown home for work or for play, the ones Anthony encounters personally and professionally bring an energy to his work.

“We really were attracted to the energy we saw beginning to surge (in downtown Eau Claire) …we wanted to create physical healing space and treatment healing space, interpersonal healing space for people. We help people with pain, we help people with stress, and we also help people hopefully to tap into that part of themselves that knows what’s best for themselves that guides their life in a positive way in the direction of their values.” Seeking to provide clients with a space and services to collect the building blocks for a lifestyle of learning how to listen and to tune-into your true self, Anthony shared with DECI staff some thoughts on Tuning Tree’s desired impact on the Eau Claire downtown community.

Though not exclusively offering women-only services, the intentional impact Tuning Tree desires directly nurtures and cultivates a healing community for and with women. As Anthony summarizes by saying “…if you can care for a mom, they’re going to care for their child. It’s kind of like you set things up well for society.” Stepping into the space at Tuning Tree you are immediately welcomed by quiet sounds of a melodically dripping nearby water fountain and warmly dimmed light. The massage and physical therapy rooms offer clients space to move, breathe and be healed. This same intentionality flows through to the yoga studio, often reserved for prenatal and baby + me sessions.

Tuning Tree brings to Downtown Eau Claire a little oasis indeed that shall not remain much of a secret much longer. This season treat your body and mind with a session or two or more at Tuning Tree. Branch out and explore the energy surge that is undoubtedly pulsing downtown because of the work of Anthony, Katie and their Tuning Tree team.