Get in - we're going to get sushi! Join us as we dive into Eau Claire's spectacular sushi scene and guide you through the best restaurants to savor this Japanese delicacy. From artfully crafted rolls to fresh sashimi, Eau Claire's sushi game is on a roll (pun very much intended). Here are the best local spots for sushi in Eau Claire, WI!

a plate full of 2 colorful sushi rolls at Ninja Japanese Restaurants

Ninja Japanese and Chinese Restaurant

All aboard the party boats at Ninja Japanese and Chinese Restaurant! Yes, that's right, you can literally order a boat full of sushi at this downtown restaurant. Create a combination of sushi, sashimi, and special rolls to fill your boat, or choose from a huge variety of sushi rolls, hand rolls, special maki, tempura rolls, nigiri sushi, sashimi, and many more hibachi, rice bowl, noodle, soup, and teriyaki entrees. Click here to learn more about Ninja Japanese and Chinese Restaurant.

Muang Thai Restaurant

The locals have nothing but good things to say about the drinks, appetizers, and entrees at Muang Thai Restaurant in Eau Claire! Some foodies go here for the pho, some go for the fried noodles or rice dishes, and many go for the various sushi platters. Choose from more than 50 nigiri, tempura, and maki rolls at Muang Thai, and find unique sushi combinations like the Packer Roll, the Snow Roll, the Girlfriend Roll, and so many more. 

a plate full of colorful sushi rolls as Akame Sushi in Eau Claire

Akame Sushi

This family-friendly restaurant is perfect for your next group dining experience! Akame Sushi is all-you-can-eat sushi, and their menu features delicious sushi, sashimi, donburi, teppanyaki, and so much more! Find the freshest ingredients in their incredible party trays that you can stack with crispy rolls, tempura rolls, sashimi, and more delicacies. Click here to learn more about Akame Sushi and to explore their beast of a menu!

Fuji Sushi & Steak House

Get dinner and a show at the hibachi grills in Fuji Sushi & Steak House in Eau Claire. Whether you're hungry for a full, fresh hibachi dinner or you're looking to eat in the standard dining area, you'll get to eat some of the tastiest authentic Asian cuisine at Fuji. Choose from more than 60 sushi and special roll combinations to build the perfect dinner for you and your table. Try more niche rolls here at Fuji like the Wisconsin Roll, the Green River Roll, the Eau Claire Roll, the Fire Island, and more!

Sushi being picked up with chopsticks at Shanghai Bistro in Eau Claire, WI

Shanghai Bistro

Shanghai Bistro is another longtime favorite Asian restaurant where the locals and visitors can't get enough. Their entire menu is filled with high-quality and tasty signature dishes including ramen, chicken & beef entrees, pho, fried rice, and, of course, a wide range of sushi rolls. You can't go wrong with any of the signature rolls on the menu including the Crazy Monkey Roll, the Maui Roll, the Monster Roll, and the Pretty Pretty Princess Roll. But don't forget about Fido; Shanghai Bistro even has a full doggy menu! Click here to see the complete menu at Shanghai Bistro, and check out unbeatable deals throughout the week.

Sushi is the art you can eat! Let the sushi roll using #CaptureEC

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