Once you get a taste of the Vietnamese delicacy, pho, you'll never forget it! Luckily, Eau Claire has no shortage of this un-pho-gettable Asian soup at some of our local restaurants. Check out the list below to see places to get pho in Eau Claire!

Egg Roll Plus

The locals can't get enough of Eau Claire's famous Egg Roll Plus. This little restaurant in downtown Eau Claire serves some of the best egg rolls, stir fry, and, of course, pho soup options. Choose from a selection of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, or meat combo pho, and don't forget to add on a couple of egg rolls as a side for the complete Egg Roll Plus experience!

Muang Thai

If you're craving any sort of Thai cuisine, you can't go wrong with the menu at Muang Thai in Eau Claire. Their menu features traditional, combination, veggie, meatball, brisket, and kid's pho, along with various other hot noodle soups! If you want to explore more of their menu, check out Muang Thai's stir-fried noodles and rice dishes, curries, sushi, nigiri, sashimi, or more seafood specials!

Rice Palace

When venturing through downtown Eau Claire, stop in at Rice Palace for a bowl of pho that never disappoints! Create your perfect pho combination with select protein opens at Rice Palace, or choose from some of the other crowd-favorite Thai dishes like their Chicken Coconut Soup, various Thai curries, fried rice, and more delicious and spicy options!

a giant bowl of pho with shrimp and garnishes at Shanghai Bistro

Shanghai Bistro

Another Asian restaurant with a large menu in Eau Claire is Shanghai Bistro, and, of course, you can find pho on the list! Choose from beef or shrimp additions to your pho, and pair it with one of their many specialty sushi rolls on the menu. Select from a range of vegetarian dishes, chicken or beef entrees, and more classic Asian dishes. They even offer a doggy menu with various yellowtail, salmon, and chicken sushi rolls!


This Chippewa Falls native restaurant is now serving delicious and authentic Vietnamese right here in Eau Claire! Order from TemptAsians' pho menu and find signature options like the Pho Bo, Pho King Bowl, Pho Do Bien, or the Pho Dac Biet. If you're up for a test, take on the Big Pho King Bowl Challenge at TemptAsians!

Thai Orchid

Try some of Eau Claire's favorite pho at Thai Orchid! This restaurant is located in downtown Eau Claire close to Phoenix Park, and they serve some of the best authentic Thai food in town. Experience a crowd-favorite pho bowl, Pad Thai, Cream Cheese Wontons, and many other delectable dishes at Thai Orchid.

Yang's Asian Market

Yang's Asian Market offers not only a place to shop for Asian food essentials, but they also serve up fresh pho in Eau Claire! Some even argue that it is the best in Eau Claire. Check out Yang's Market for beef or pork pho, Thai curry, Thai chicken soup, salads, and more!

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