Eau Claire Weather

Northwestern Wisconsin is known for variable weather across the board to welcome visitors to any and every season.  From freshly laid snow and spring flowers to the soothing heat of summer and the crispy leaves of fall, you'll experience life like a local every time of the year.  We embrace our variable weather and climate by offering seasonal attractions for every interest!  For example, summer concerts and sporting events are enjoyed as frequently as our fall festivals and our winter Silvermine Ski Invitational event.  We welcome you to experience the Chippewa Valley at any time of the year and want you to be completely prepared in planning your visit.


3 girls floating on tubes down the Chippewa River at Loopy's


June: Low: 55°, High: 79°

July: Low: 60°, High: 83°

August: Low: 58°, High: 80°

a girl biking through the fall leaves on the Chippewa River State Trail


September: Low: 49°, High: 71°

October: Low: 37°, High: 58°

November: Low: 24°, High: 41°

Snowshoeing at Lowes Creek County Park in Eau Claire, WI


December: Low: 11°, High: 27°

January: Low: 5°, High: 23°

February: Low: 10°, High: 29°

Phoenix Park Bridge in downtown Eau Claire during the spring with trees blooming


March: Low: 22°, High: 41°

April: Low: 24°, High: 58°

May: Low: 45°, High: 70°

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