You know what they say... Sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation. Typically, that's because you're taking a vacation to escape the hustle of everyday life and find yourself in a new craze of long lines and waiting times while traveling on your weekends. Instead, plan a trip that you'll actually feel rejuvenated from by booking a midweek trip to Eau Claire! Skip the crowds, dine and stay on a budget, and experience Eau Claire's entertainment that can only be seen during the weekdays. Keep reading to check out six reasons why you should book a midweek stay in Eau Claire!

A family walking into a hotel room at the Lismore Hotel

Photo: The Lismore Hotel

1. Hotel rates are cheaper

Traveling hack: you generally can book hotels in Eau Claire for cheaper rates during the week compared to weekends! The pricing pattern is due to a decrease in demand for hotel stays during the week, while weekday hotel occupants are mostly business travelers. If you're traveling on a budget, or simply would like to save money for Eau Claire experiences rather than hotel stays, you're almost always guaranteed to book at lower rates but still receive the same accommodations and hospitality from Eau Claire's hotels. Check out hotels in downtown Eau Claire like The Lismore Hotel or The Oxbow Hotel, or branch out to surrounding hotels that are perfect for families like the Residence Inn, Hampton Inn, Sleep Inn SuitesStaybridge Suites, Metropolis Resort, Holiday Inn, and more!


A jazz duo playing keyboard and trumpet on stage at the Lakely at the Oxbow Hotel in Eau Claire, WI

Photo: The Lakely

2. There's live entertainment only held on weeknights

Here in Eau Claire, we don't wait until the weekends to have a good time! Many local bars, lounges, and restaurants offer one-of-a-kind entertainers and recurring events that you can only find during the week. The stage is yours for open mic nights on Wednesday evenings at The Lakely or Tuesdays at The Plus. Bingo takes place during the weeknights at Westside Bar & Grill, The Plus, Good Times Tavern, & more, and many even take on Trivia challenges at The Lakely, The Fire House, and The Plus, all in downtown Eau Claire. Other notable events that take place during Eau Claire's weeknights include Bingo, comedy shows, select performances at the Pablo Center, and more. Click here to check out our blog highlighting things to do on winter weeknights in Eau Claire.

a girl working on her computer at CoLab in Eau Claire

Photo: Colab

3. You can take advantage of coworking spaces

Okay, we'd totally recommend ditching work responsibilities while in Eau Claire and focusing on all the unique things to do while in town, but if you do need a place to get motivated, focus, and be productive, coworking spaces are available for you! The Coven is located in downtown Eau Claire and is a vibrant, inviting environment meant for professionals, students, and squads to come together and get work done! The Coven includes various focus areas including a collaborative common space, individual desks, conference & meeting rooms, private offices, sound-proof phone booths, and more. This coworking space believes in having options for your work environment and in providing fits for all work types. When professionals are in town, they also tend to hit up the local coffee shops like Shift, ECDC, or Kahvi for a relaxing environment and tasty coffee! 

Boneless chicken wings served at Northern Tap House in Eau Claire, WI

Photo: Northern Tap House

4. Restaurants have daily specials & Happy Hours

Taco Tuesday, wing Wednesday, and Friday fish fry... The weekdays are some of the best times to enjoy Eau Claire's cuisine! Many restaurants in the Eau Claire area skip the Saturday and Sunday specials and treat their weekday visitors to unbeatable deals. While each restaurant creates its own daily special features and schedule, we see many dining specials including wing deals, pizza deals, burger deals, and happy hours at restaurants like Northern Tap House, Cowboy Jack's, Happy Hollow, The Lakely, The Informalist, Amber Inn, The Fire House, Johnny's Italian Steakhouse, and so many more. Get BOGO deals on drinks and dinners at Eau Claire's favorite dining establishments, and see for yourself what is so special about the famous Friday fish fries and Monday burger nights in the area! Check out Eau Claire's restaurants to see what specials are offered throughout the week.


Theater and stage at Pablo Center at the Confluence

Photo: Pablo Center

5. There are performances at the Pablo Center

While many performances do take place on the weekends at the Pablo Center, this event center is blazing with musical and theatrical performances throughout the week! Notable, live shows like HAIRSPRAY, comedy shows from popular personalities, tribute bands, and more raging entertainment on the big stage. Make an entire date night out of your show at the Pablo Center, and plan a dinner at one of downtown Eau Claire's restaurants like The Informalist, The Livery, Houligans, The District, Stella Blues, and more. Stop for dessert at Olson's Ice Cream or Ramone's Ice Cream Parlor, and walk around Phoenix Park to catch the lit bridges in the evenings.


two girls sitting at a high table by the window drinking coffee at Shift Coffee Bar

Photo: SHIFT Cycle Bar & Coffee Shop

6. Shops & restaurants aren't as crowded

It's no surprise that Eau Claire's restaurants are packed on the weekends, which is why we strongly recommend trying to hit up some of the locals' faves during the week! Commonly visited restaurants like The Nucleus Cafe, Court'n House, Northern Tap House, and many others typically fill up quickly on the weekends, so it's a win-win to stop in during the week and miss the crowds and get your hands on their daily specials. The same goes for the local shops in Eau Claire; Saturdays and Sundays are known to be the hot shopping times at Eau Claire's shopping scene, so who wouldn't want the wholes store to yourself? Check out stores like The Local Store, Token Jewelry, Tangled Up In Hue, Hive + Hollow, Hello Adorn, House of Gouda, and more during the weekdays in Eau Claire! 


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