Winter Recreation Path

Looking for ways to stay active this winter season in Eau Claire? This 4-mile winter recreation path is plowed with high priority after snow events making it the perfect route for you to use when you need to get outside for some cool, fresh air. Just bundle up with a good pair of shoes, some toasty mittens, and a good coat and you are to be well on your way! You can walk, jog, or run the route. But, do it all with your eyes wide open! There's lots of iconic places to Eau Claire that you pass by while on this path like UW-Eau Claire's beautiful campus, the historic Water Street District, and the city's favorite: Phoenix Park! If you need to stop for some grub to refuel for the rest of your adventure, check out some of the local restaurants on Water Street like Mona Lisa's, Dooley's, Mogie's, and many others! Did we mention you will even be able to spot a handful of the sculptures that make up the Sculpture Tour of Eau Claire?! Staying active during the winter and exploring some of the best spots in Eau Claire? Sounds like a win-win to us! >> MAP


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