Record stores, yoga studios, and boutiques galore... Eau Claire will never be the same after welcoming these new businesses to the area. Take a shopping spree or spend a day exploring these new businesses in Eau Claire, and find goods & experiences that Eau Claire has gone too long without!

Please note: We are working our hardest to keep this list as up-to-date as possible as we continue to welcome new businesses to the Eau Claire area. We appreciate your suggestions and updates on new restaurants and businesses in Eau Claire!

a photo inside the record lounge showing a couch, vintage t-shirts, records, and more

Abraxas Wax

The coolest new record shop is open for business in downtown Eau Claire! Browse through records, cassettes, CDs, VHS tapes, and books at Abraxas Wax, a community hub and vintage store that is bound to spark some nostalgia in your heart. Shop for musical finds, enjoy a cup of coffee, play video games, or hang out at this groovy new lounge!

Elly & Lula Boutique

Pick out a trendy new outfit at Elly & Lula Boutique in Eau Claire! This shop offers the most trending styles in women's fashion as well as accessories, candles, soaps, and even the most adorable baby apparel selection. Add Elly & Lula to your next shopping excursion in Eau Claire, and click here to check out more small shops to support in Eau Claire!

2 Roots Art & Wine in downtown Eau Claire

2 Roots Art & Wine Gallery

Get your wine and art fix all in one spot at this gallery in downtown Eau Claire! What was formerly 200 Main Art & Wine, 2 Roots is aiming to offer the largest wine list in the country. Tune in for live music events, drinks, charcuterie, and bask in the glory of local art at this local gallery! Click here to learn more. 

Geek Chic

This new shop at the historic Banbury Place is filled with vintage treasures and antiques for everyone! At the new Geek Chic, shop for vintage clothing, comics, jewelry, posters, music, shoes, home goods & art pieces, and many more gems that are a blast from the past. Read more about the incredible story behind Geek Chic here!

a photo inside Eau Claire outdoors showing the bright walls, paddle boards, snowshoes, shoes, and more outdoor gear

Eau Claire Outdoors

Find all the outdoor gear you'll need suited for the Chippewa Valley at the new Eau Claire Outdoors store in downtown Eau Claire. Shop for name-brand jackets, accessories, snowshoes, paddle boards, backpacks, and more gear for all of the elements. Not only does Eau Claire Outdoors offer gear available for purchase, but they rent out various outdoor gadgets and equipment including tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, backpacks, snowshoes, cross-country skis, and so much more. Give the gift of adventure from Eau Claire Outdoors!

The 410 Bar

This summer, The 410 Bar will be the hot spot for sipping on cold drinks with the garage doors open! All year long, visit The 410 Bar for live music, drink specials, games, and more entertainment. Stop in for happy hour Thursday - Saturday at this new local gem!

a photo inside Planette Kids showing a bright pink wall and colorful kids clothing

Planette Kids

Shop for eclectic, comfortable, and sustainable children's clothing at the new Planette Kids boutique in downtown Eau Claire! Pick up a funky new outfit, storybook, blanket, stuffed animal, and many more accessories to complete the look. Plus, it's hard to not feel joyful when walking into this boutique; the bright-colored walls and clothing are sure to brighten up your day! Shop their collection here.

Amanita Books

Shop through used and rare books at one of the most charming bookstores in Eau Claire at Amanita Books. Inspired by woodland creatures and the world of literature, this cozy bookshop offers fiction, drama, cooking, memoirs, children's books, and many more tales for everyone. Trade in your old favorites for something new, and soak in the beauty of Amanita Books in Eau Claire!

a photo inside Menomonie Market showing fresh produce and juices

Menomonie Market Food Co-Op

Menomonie Market Food Co-Op has expanded and relocated, and their new store will blow you away! Located on North Barstow Street, Menomonie Market has everything from fresh produce to freshly baked bread, pantry items, grab-n-go snacks, frozen and refrigerated sections, and even event spaces at their new location. Stop in for a hot breakfast or lunch with delicacies made fresh in their kitchens, and explore downtown Eau Claire's newest grocer!

Verdant Curiosities

Calling all plant lovers! Verdant Curiosities is truly Eau Claire's newest plant-lovers haven, offering a diverse array of thriving plants including succulents, hoyas, philodendrons, and more. Pair your plant with the perfect pot created by TJ Pottery, and shop for more plant accessories like growing lights, heat mats, planter stones, and more! Check them out here.

a photo inside Eaum Yoga showing clothing and accessories available for purchase

Eaum Yoga + Fitness

Say "Eaum" at downtown Eau Claire's stunning new yoga and fitness studio. Explore a range of Eaum classes, including yoga, strength training, and sculpting lessons. Find a membership fit for you and your family with options including unlimited childcare, college & military discounts, and more. Click here to learn more about Eaum Yoga + Fitness and to book your class today!

Truckers Union

Truckers Union has recently gone through a little bit of a makeover, and its funky style is certainly delivering. This general store on Water Street offers some of the most unique merchandise including shirts, jewelry, cards, books, and more. See what Truckers Union is all about here!

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