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Eau Claire’s 10 Favorite
Juicy Burgers

By EC Insider, Katie Forsha
@phatkath07 on Instagram

Alright people, strap on your elastic waist band pants and get ready to chow. Drum roll please…based off of our Facebook followers’ votes, here are the best burgers in Eau Claire, or maybe even the best burgers in Wisconsin. 

1. Pineapple Burger

Wigwam Tavern

“The Value Burger”

As a fan of Hawaiian pizza, I figured it was time to give this burger a try. It was topped with pineapple slivers and cheese, which paired nicely with their well-seasoned crinkle-cut fries. This was a low-price burger with a freshly delicious taste. If you are looking for a quick bite, this is for you…but for those of you wanting a fine dining experience, read on.

2. Bacon Blue Burger

Court N House

“Affordable food with incredible flavor”

If you're looking for burgers in Eau Claire, look no further. This Bar and Grill has the essence of a neighborhood barbecue with the comforts of a cozy restaurant. Located near the Court House, it serves up some tasty burgers at affordable prices. My choice of weapon was the Bacon Blue Burger, which was topped with bacon, blue cheese, and A-1 sauce. Each bite packed on the flavor as you experienced a mix of both blue cheese crumbles and sauce mixing with each bite.

3. The Mel Burger

Court N House

“Simply Iconic”

Another great option is the Mel Burger, which has the same juicy patty but this time with mushrooms, olives, both Swiss and American cheese…and bacon. This is definitely a great option if you’re looking for an affordable burger that’s oozing with flavor!

INSIDER TIP: Make sure to bring cash as they only accept cash!!

4. Swiss Olive Burger

Amber Inn

“A bar that knows a thing or two about cheese” 

This is the perfect place for those of you looking for a big burger and a quaint atmosphere. I popped by mid-afternoon to try the burgers, and was greeted by a very kind staff that cooked the burger right at the end of the bar while I caught up on soccer playing on one of the many TVs. The Swiss Olive Burger was topped with what seemed like a small nation of green olives along with plenty of fresh-tasting Swiss cheese…that was the real showstopper.

5. Sicilian Burger

Amber Inn

“Hello Italy”

I also tried the Sicilian, which is perfect for those who would eat pizza all day if they could.  The burger meat was topped with salami and Swiss cheese, with marinara spilling out the sides. Once my stomach started to fill and my belt was loosened a notch, I took the meat out and created a little Italian dipper with the Swiss, marinara and soft bun.

INSIDER TIP: These burgers are huge. Their 1/2-pound weight combined with their large circumference left me thankful that I didn’t order any fries on the side, so for those of you with a smaller appetite I suggest the same.

6. The Blueberry Hangover

Milwaukee Burger

“A hangover you won’t regret”

With Burger in their name, this place lives up to my preconceived hopes. Now, I know Milwaukee Burger is popular between local and visitors, and for good reason;  their wide menu offers a variety of burgers, most with rather unique toppings. Before going any further, it is important to note that I have been obsessed with blueberries since the moment I first had one (seriously though). So, naturally, I was beyond excited to hear the Blueberry Hangover came with good reviews. The meat is topped with blueberry jam and placed on a blueberry toast, which was somehow still subtle enough for those who are not as blueberry obsessed as me. It was also stacked with a fried egg, onions, cheese, bacon and lettuce. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this restaurant if you’re looking to widen your burger horizons.

7. Sweaty Betty

Bug Eyed Betty's

“Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

This is definitely a fun place to switch up your burger experience within a great atmosphere. This burger packed on the jalapeño kick, which added just enough flavor to awaken your taste buds, but didn’t reach an unbearable level of heat. Coming from a spice-sensitive person, I found this burger to be a perfect balance of heat and meat flavor.              

8. The Walk of Shame

Bug Eyed Betty's

“There is no shame in this walk”

The Walk of Shame is definitely something you have to try. It was topped with a fried egg that oozed over the edge, smashed together by a peanut butter and jelly bun, with some jalapeño jam and bacon spilling over the edge. This may sound ridiculous, but it is the best most-ridiculous burger you may ever try.

9. Turkey Burger

Bug Eyed Betty's

“Getting Stuffed with this turkey”  

Lastly, I tried the turkey burger, which was the perfect light flavor to cleanse my palate. I highly recommend this superb turkey patty for those who aren’t lovers of red meat.

INSIDER TIP: Every Monday is $5 burger day for regular burgers and $8 for the deluxe burgers. So grab your friends, order a variety of burgers and be prepared to share the flavorful experience with each other.

10. f-18 burger

Hangar 54

“A smooth take-off with a hot landing”

This burger was definitely worth the drive. Located literally on the tarmac at the airport, this restaurant has tons of seating and walls covered with airplane décor for you and your friends to come together and brainstorm your next trip around the world. Now, the burgers here are exceptional. I tried the f-18 burger, which is a house special: Cajun seasoning, jalapeño bacon, pepper jack cheese, jalapeños and their signature Mach-1 sauce. Within the first bite the juice of the meat came dripping down my fingers, a true sign of a delicious burger. Now as some of you may have guessed, the jalapeños on this bad-boy had a bit of a punch. So, for those of you looking to challenge your taste buds, this is the burger for you. However, if you’re a bit shy on the spices I would recommend trying one of their other juicy burgers that are accompanied by lots of crispy fries. Overall, this burger and atmosphere is well worth the drive, and gets 2 big thumbs up from me.

If your mouth is currently salivating and burgers are on your mind, you have to go check out some (if not all) of these delicious restaurants. Also, be sure to stay tuned to Visit Eau Claire’s Facebook page to stay up to date on the community and give us your feedback on any upcoming polls.