Eau Claire's Top 5 Favorite Local Brews

So many beers, so little time. Eau Claire is overflowing with delicious ales, malts, and stouts.  We asked you to vote on your favorite local beers, and these were your picks for the best brews in the Chippewa Valley—drink up! 

The Brewing Projekt

It’s a good thing The Brewing Projekt is moving to a bigger building, because Eau Claireians just can’t get enough of it! Three of the beers you chose are from The Brewing Projekt: the Gunpowder IPA, the WisCoast Ale, and Jack-Eau.

Gunpowder IPA

The Brewing Projekt’s Gunpowder IPA is a HUGE favorite among locals; not only did it make our list, but it was named one of the best beers in Volume One’s Best of the Chippewa Valley contest of 2016! This hoppy beer is a bold and bright IPA that gets its aroma from Gunpowder Green Tea.  If you’re an IPA aficionado, I highly recommend that you try this brew.

WisCoast Ale

It should come as no surprise that the Brewing Projekt’s WisCoast Ale made the list—this beer is perfect for any occasion! This pale ale goes down easy, as it has a citrus aroma, a mild bitterness, and a body that is perfectly balanced with wheat. Overall, it makes for a super crisp and refreshing drink that you’re sure to love—what more could you ask for?


It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten what good pumpkin ale tastes like!  The Brewing Projekt’s seasonal Jack-Eau brew consists of Bourbon Vanilla Imperial, cinnamon, milk stout, molasses, allspice, pumpkin, and nutmeg—it’ll warm you right on up! The next time you have a chance to try this brew, take it! 

K-Point Brewing—Anything on Tap

Fun fact: K-Point Brewing is Eau Claire’s biggest retailer of imported and micro-brewed beer. Connected to The Coffee Grounds, K-Point Brewing has an array of rotating taps, and you can either indulge in a pint while at the brewery or fill up a growler and take some beer home with you. Whether you opt for a coffee stout, amber ale, or something else, you’re sure to find something on tap that’ll quench your thirst! 

Leinenkugels—Leinenkugel’s Original

Okay, are you really that surprised? Not only is the Leinie’s O.G. a local favorite, but also, it is an award-winning beer; it was the Bronze award winner for American Premium Pilsners in 1988 as well as the Bronze award winner for American-style Premium Lager at the Great American Beer Festival® in 1998! This classic year-round lager is brewed with cluster hops and pale malts, and it tastes especially great with cheese curds and brats (but then again, doesn’t everything taste great with cheese curds and brats?). 

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