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Eau Claire's 5 Favorite
Bloody Marys

By Visit Eau Claire

Is there ever a time that doesn't call for a good Bloody Mary, decadent with olives, cheese, a pickle and...a laffy taffy? The answer, naturally, is no. Because it is always a good time for a Bloody. Check out the 5 places Eau Claire locals claim are their favorites for grabbing this tasty drink (preferably on a Sunday). 

1. Court 'n House

Keep it simple

Court 'n House Bloody Mary in Eau Claire

If you’re looking for your classic Bloody Mary, great service and a welcoming Wisconsin environment, this is the place. Not to mention their incredible burgers...elastic waistband recommended anytime you frequent Court 'n House

2. Ray's Place

That mustard tho...

Ray's Place Bloody Mary in Eau Claire

Get settled in at Ray’s Place for a thick Bloody Mary and some darn good hot beef and cheese sandwiches. You will want plenty of extra napkins and hey, take it easy on the mustard (you'll be glad you did).  

3. Amber Inn

A Bloody, eh?

Amber Inn Bloody Mary in Eau Claire

Amber Inn is about a Wisconsin as it gets. Insider tip: pair this Bloody with their Jalapeño Cheese Curds. Seriously. Yum. 

4. VFW

Go Snack Go? 

VFW Bloody Mary in Eau Claire

If you're stopping to VFW on a Sunday, you surely won't be disappointed. Football, Bloody Marys, oh and we hear they make a mean breakfast

5. Big T's Saloon

Yes, that's a Laffy Taffy

Big T's Saloon Bloody Mary in Eau Claire

Essentially Big T's Bloody Mary is a lunch buffet on a stick with a side of alcohol. Can't be missed. Arguably the best in town.