It's always 5 o'clock in Eau Claire, and these bars & restaurants are always ready to whip up some fresh margaritas! Explore our list of the best restaurants for margaritas in Eau Claire, WI, whether it's Cinco De Mayo, Taco Tuesday, or you're just long overdue for a frozen, fruity cocktail!

A girl holding a frozen margarita at Cancun Mexican Grill

Photo: Cancun Mexican Grill

Cancun Mexican Grill

One of the local's favorite places to fill up on Mexican food and flavored margaritas is the beloved Cancun Mexican Grill! This hot spot has a huge menu with delicious entrees and an extensive bar menu. Whether you like your margaritas frozen or on the rocks, Cancun makes some of the best!

Azul Tequila

Find more fruity margarita fusions at Azul Tequila in Eau Claire! This Mexican restaurant is the master of tequila beverages, hence the name, and their margarita menu pairs perfectly with their street tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, and more. 

A group of girls enjoy drinks on the patio at Helix

Photo: Helix


Of course, the cocktail connoisseurs in River Prairie wouldn't forget about including a margarita on their drink menu. Helix offers a delicious, and stunning, Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita that's smooth, sweet, and a little spicy! For the full effect, we'd recommend drinking your spicy margarita on the patio in the warmer months. 

Casa Margarita

Casa Margarita literally means "margarita house," so you already know this place is the margarita expert in Eau Claire! Here, you can get margarita specials on Mondays, order margarita flights, and, of course, dine in and order some of the best Mexican dishes in the area.

A girl sipping a frozen margarita out of a tiki glass at The Island Parkside

Photo: The Island Parkside

The Island Parkside

Drink margaritas on island time at The Island Parkside in River Prairie. This tiki-style bar and restaurant will transport you to a tropical destination with their beachy colors, cold, fruity drinks, and tasty dishes! The Island Parkside is closed in the winter, so plan a summer stop at this little slice of paradise, and cool off with a frozen margarita!

44 North

In case you didn't know, 44 North is the master of drink flights in River Prairie, and of course, they craft margarita flights throughout the year! In fact, they often create flights with a theme in mind... They've blended up everything from holiday-esque margarita flights to Taylor Swift-inspired flights to spring-time appropriate flavors and colors.

A girl picking up one of the glasses from the margarita flight at Juanita's Mexican Restaurant

Photo: Juanita's Mexican Restaurant

Juanita's Mexican Restaurant

For more fruit flights in River Prairie, you can order margarita flights at Juanita's Mexican Restaurant! This eatery has recently relocated and now has a lovely outdoor patio that makes for the perfect sipping spot in the summertime. Find more margarita orders and other cocktails at Juanita's Mexican Restaurant!

Taqueria La Poblanita

We can't recommend Taqueria La Poblanita enough for tasty tacos and frozen margaritas! This restaurant is located on London Road in Eau Claire, and they serve authentic Mexican dishes and select frozen, fruity beverages. This restaurant is also attached to a small market where you can purchase ingredients to recreate your entree at Taqueria La Poblanita!

Manny's Cocina

For a fine dining option, head to Manny's Cocina for exquisite seafood entrees and top-notch margaritas! This "doorway to Mexico" is the best place in town to enjoy seafood selections, fish specialties, and more Mexican dishes like tacos, fajitas, and burritos. Order a margarita to complete your meal at Manny's!

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