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The Eau Claire Insider
People looking through records at Revival Records in downtown Eau Claire
Anna Loritz

5 Reasons To Take Your Date to the Banbury Art Crawl

Celebrate Valentine's Day early this year. Now in its 11th year, the Banbury Art Crawl has always been a big draw for those interested in the local art scene. But this year, why not make the art crawl the backdrop for your Valentine’s Day date? It may be a few days early on Feb. 7 and 8, but there's…

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National History Day Kick Off!

Attn: History Buffs What comes to mind when you hear the letters NHD? Noodle hot dish? Nitrogen Hydrogen Dysprosium? Never haggle with dragons? For students across Eau Claire, NHD stands for National History Day, and October marks the start of the students’ National History Day projects. On October…

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