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6 Hills You and Your Sled Won’t Want to Miss

By EC Insider, Pan Thao

Despite the varying temperatures in Eau Claire, winter is still upon us. You know what that means? Time to get your sled on!

Whatever type of sledding adventure you may be looking for this winter, Eau Claire has got you covered. So put on your coat and boots, and grab that plastic saucer of yours because these six sledding hills will surely keep you entertained until spring arrives!

1. Forest Hill (AKA Seven Bumps or Dead Man’s Hill)

This is a hidden gem and a favorite for many! It sits oh-so-quietly on the East Side Hill next to the Forest Hill Cemetery, but I promise it’s not too spooky. Bring your sled or snowboard and check out this gentle slope, perfect for everyone!

2. Oakwood Hills Park

If you’re looking for something over by Oakwood Mall, swing by Oakwood Hills Park on Golf Road. It’s small enough for kids of all ages while still offering a bit of a thrill. Plus, you get quite the view of the shopping area!

3. Pinehurst Hill

Photo by Kelsey Smith

They aren’t lying when they say Pinehurst Hill is the mother of all sledding hills. This old ski hill is a favorite, as you literally rocket down trying to dodge trees and any moving object. EXPERT TIP: Be careful on your walk up and as you sled down, and make sure to cushion your landing!

4. Putnam Prairie

Putnam Prairie is new to me, but I hear it’s got quite the hidden slope! You can work your way through the Putnam Park trail (past Putnam Rock) until you get to the small prairie area, placing you at the bottom of the hill. Then the only way left is up! (And then back down of course.)

5. Northstar Middle School

The hill behind Northstar Middle School is close to Pinehurst Hill but offers a much smaller slope. Since you won’t have to climb up quite as far, you’ll get to make more trips down until your cheeks get rosy and your toes are almost numb! EXPERT TIP: If you hit an icy spot on your way down, be sure to brake or turn off before getting too close to the school.

6. Delong Middle School

Behind the baseball field at Delong Middle School, you’ll find plenty of space for sledding, so round up your family and friends for a thrill on the hill! It’s not too steep, but it’s still perfect for that joyride with maybe a few bumps to surprise you on the way down.

Make the most of the beautiful Wisconsin snow this winter and don’t forget to pre-plan your go-to coffee shop for warming up with hot cocoa afterward! Keep warm and sled on.