The Wood Shed

The Wood Shed has been bringing the highest quality Amish made furniture to Wisconsin for over 29 years. The craftsmanship of the furniture is simply unmatched as each piece is more than merely furniture but works of art. Their pieces are made from many types of woods which can be stained to match any home or cottage. In addition to their furniture, they offer all the indoor and outdoor décor that you could ever imagine. They also have jam, popcorn and candy which is either Amish made or made locally in the community. Do not forget about their tours! Give them a call a few days ahead of time and they will have a tour guide ready for you. The tour guide will ride along with you and show you the Amish Community of Augusta, Wisconsin and if permitting, stop at an Amish floral shop, general store, and bakery while giving facts about the history and the culture of Amish.