Photo above: Reboot Social

The culinary scene in Eau Claire, WI is one to beat. There's something for everyone; Eau Claire is home to dive bars that are often dubbed as hidden gems and fine dining experiences that are guaranteed to satisfy your palette. As we head into a new year, try out some of the new restaurants in Eau Claire for your next meal. Here's where to go.

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich served at Reboot Social in downtown Eau Claire

1. Reboot Social

Reboot Social in downtown Eau Claire definitely lives up to its hype! Not only do they offer a unique selection of scratch-to-craft food, but they also have a wide variety of board games, duckpin bowling, pinball machines, and a retro arcade! This is the place to be when you want a bite to eat and a cool place to just hang out for a bit. This place is also a great option if you're looking for some unique mocktails to try in Eau Claire!

2. The Good Wives

The Good Wives is a new restaurant located in Eastridge Center in Eau Claire. Their overall ambiance is warm and inviting, and their food is of top quality. Their menu is chef-driven and includes both vegetarian and vegan options. If you're looking for a unique and upscale culinary experience in the new year, this is a great place to try. 

3. WichCraft Spirits and Sandwiches

At WichCraft, spooky season goes far beyond just the month of October. This new restaurant is a horror-themed joint that specializes in funky, yet tasty, sandwiches and creative drinks. The next time you're craving a hearty sammy, give this place a shot.

4. C&T's Soul Food

If you're looking for a little taste of Chicago, C&T's Soul Food is the place to go. This is a black-owned, woman-owned, veteran-owned and minority-owned business that never fails to satisfy. Customers rave about their fish and hot dogs, but you'll have to pay them a visit to see for yourself!

5. The Waiting Room

What's the smallest bar you've ever been to? We'd bet that whatever your answer is, this bar is even smaller. The Waiting Room is a 300-square-foot bar that is perfect to stop by at for a drink or two with some buddies. Yes, it's quite small, but what more do you need than a place to stand a beer to hold? 

6. CoVizza

Where are all our pizza fans at?! CoVizza is a pizza place that's operated out of Banbury Place by a husband and wife duo. Here's the twist - they are takeout only. Don't let that stop you, though. Their pizzas are to die for and will make for a perfect meal when you want something quick yet made with a lot of heart.

Interior of Hive & Hollow in Eau Claire, WI

Bonus: Other New Businesses in Eau Claire!

1. Hive & Hollow

Hive & Hollow is a local shop focused on flowers and gifts. They create beautiful arrangements with flowers they grow, forage, or source from local growers. On top of that, they sell a variety of other goods that would make for the perfect addition to your home or a thoughtful gift for a loved one in your life. Not to mention, their store is so dreamy!

2. Mabels

Mabels in downtown Eau Claire is much more than just a brick & mortar antique shop; it's an experience. The owner of this shop has collected all of the items and trinkets in the store throughout his lifetime. This store is cash-only and not everything inside is necessarily for sale. However, you are guaranteed to be transported into a whole new universe once you step through their doors.

3. Hello Adorn Flagship

Hello Adorn has been making handmade jewelry in Eau Claire for quite some time now. However, they've recently expanded their brick-and-mortar store and moved into a new and large space on Barstow street in downtown Eau Claire! On top of selling their jewelry, their new flagship store features other goods made by other makers and artisans. You need to come see this space; it is such a vibe!

4. Shine On Consignment Boutique

Shine On is a unique consignment boutique where women can earn money, shop responsibly and gather socially! Sellers here can essentially create their own pop-up shop and sell clothing, shoes and accessories. Come shop sustainably and see what new treasures you can find for your closet!