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People looking through records at Revival Records in downtown Eau Claire
Elise Sitzman

Paranormal Properties for Ghost Hunters in Eau Claire

7 Minute Read

The truth is out there. At least that’s what the paranormal investigation TV series, The X-Files, told us in the early 1990s. As Halloween approaches, it’s a great time to go and check out the places in Eau Claire that are reported to be haunted. You’d be surprised how many haunted locations there…

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Activities For The Solo Traveler

4 Minute Read

Solo Freedom Traveling solo can be daunting. But just because you're on your own doesn't mean it can't be a great experience. Here are some ways to make your own fun if you find yourself traveling solo in Eau Claire. Dinner And A Movie At The Budget While going to the movies is often a communal…

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