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The Eau Claire Insider
People looking through records at Revival Records in downtown Eau Claire
Maegan McHugh

Exclusively Eau Claire: Melnatural

Local and natural Founded and produced right here in Eau Claire, Melnatural offers natural beauty products made from high-quality ingredients that will help you put your best face forward every day. I had the opportunity to chat with Melnatural founder Melissa Wilson about her business and what…

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$20 a Day in Eau Claire

When working hard to stick to your budget, sometimes it might seem as if you have to give up leisure activities and dining out to keep things balanced. Stress over each penny no more! We have some…

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Keeping Your Cool This Summer

Summertime seems awfully short in Wisconsin! We love to be outside as much as possible, soaking in every bit of Vitamin D we can before the long winter comes back around. But sometimes, it's really hot and really humid, and we need to find a way to cool ourselves down before melting into a puddle on…

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