It’s American Craft Beer Week! In honor of that, we’ve put together a list of four Downtown spots to enjoy your favorite small-batch beverage. You might even find a new fave or two!

The Brewing Projekt:

Their stated mission is to ‘create damn good beer’, and they’re definitely doing that! The brewery features innovative offerings of IPAs, Sours, Wheat Ales, Lagers and more. They also serve up some yummy seltzers if you’re not a beer drinker. The largest of our downtown breweries, they’re located at 1807 Oxford Avenue in the Cannery District. It’s a perfect pit stop on your walking/biking/running route to relax and enjoy Chippewa River views with its location on the Cannery District bike trail. The trail links you to The High Bridge and city trail network. It also conveniently links you to another local favorite: Lazy Monk Brewing.

Lazy Monk Brewing:

A five-minute walk down the trail from Brewing Projekt, (maybe more, maybe less, we don’t know how fast you move) Lazy Monk, at 97 W. Madison St., is a European craft brewery focused on traditional Bohemian and German lagers, while also offering IPAs, Stouts and Ales. You wanna feel like you’re in a traditional German or Czech bier hall? This is the place. Lazy Monk exudes warm and welcoming good times. They’ll change your mood ring from deep dark black to light and bright blue, which is good according to our coworker who is way too into crystals.  They also have a patio where you can enjoy your drinks in the glorious spring weather!

3rd & Vine:

Owners Jared and Meg modeled their business after some of their favorite date night haunts from when they lived in Portland, Ore. What they’ve created at 1929 3rd St. is a bottle shop, small-scale restaurant, and a cheese bar/shop. Three things we’re more than a-ok with. Featuring a rotating variety of six local and regional brews on tap and over 150 varieties in the cooler, you’re going to find a bevvie you enjoy. Did we mention they have cheese? Like really good cheese. They literally have a cheese club. Check it out. They also have a patio! It's patio weather! Can you tell we're excited for spring?

The Fire House:

If you’re looking for more of a traditional bar setting with an outstanding selection of craft brews on tap, then look no further than The Fire House, located at 202 Gibson. Currently featuring 38 options on tap, you can explore pretty much any type of brew in a fun, upbeat atmosphere in the center of Downtown Eau Claire. They run an active events schedule and the side of the building is home to what we think is a pretty kickass mural in case you’re looking to punch up your Instagram content. Wait... Brewing Projekt has a kickass mural too... this is turning into another blog post. Long story short, come Downtown for American Craft Beer Week and discover all Downtown Eau Claire has to offer.