Good friends and good drinks. Everyone needs to treat themselves to a night like this.

A whirlwind of this and that, the chaos of life has stretched you thin and disconnected you from some people. It’s time to schedule a break and unwind with some of those friends you’ve been neglecting. The perfect recipe for this plan is downtown Eau Claire and a couple of drinks. Where to go? I did the footwork for you, and I’m happy to report that downtown is filled with many wonderful options. Hit these places up. Relax. Enjoy some drinks. And be sure to soak in the amazing spaces Eau Claire has to offer. 

The Livery


If you’re looking for a place with some historic charm to enjoy your drink, this is your place. Its name is quite fitting, as the building was once an actual livery – a place that horse owners could board their horses and where people could rent a horse to travel between towns. While you won’t see real horses here anymore, you can admire the tasteful remains of this beautiful two-story establishment while being served delicious drinks and food. Not only are the drinks delicious, they are quite pretty too. 

One of the best things about The Livery is their game room upstairs. Have a couple drinks, grab a delicious appetizer or two and then let your competitive side out in a friendly game of pool or darts. 

The Lakely

Lakely Experience

Outdoor drink hangs at The Lakely are a must during the warmer months, but don't worry, the inside is just as charming. This place is fresh. This place is cozy. And its drink menu offers a variety of beer, cocktails and wine. The outdoor courtyard is magical, whether sitting under the lit pergola or gathering around the fire pits. The drinks available here embody the craft drink movement – go ahead, try something new and see where your adventurous self might take you.


The Dive

If you want a drink with a view, Dive is a classy space for your next drink outing. Here you can sip away under the lights of the rooftop bar overlooking downtown Eau Claire. It may feel like a place with bigger city vibes, but rest assured it is a cozy hang space to catch up with your friends over a cocktail or glass of wine. There’s something magical about this outdoor bar space and a must stop for a unique Eau Claire experience. Don't worry, if the weather doesn't permit the patio to be open, the gigantic windows still have a great view of downtown Eau Claire. Oh, and let’s not forget, The Informalist is just downstairs, and they will gladly serve you their delicious wood fired pizzas while you drink. Yes, please.  

Mona Lisa’s

Mona Lisa's

Featuring a piano full of bottles and Mona Lisas on the ceiling, dining or drinking at Mona Lisa's is a great experience. If you haven’t stopped at Mona Lisa’s on Water Street for a fun place to wine and dine, head there soon. A large drink menu awaits you, especially a variety of wines to try out. All the while, Mona will smile down on you, literally. 

Lazy Monk Brewing

Lazy Monk

If you are looking for a space where you can bring your dog and enjoy some outdoor hanging, look no further! With a variety of craft brews available and a fun atmosphere to boot, be sure to check out the Lazy Monk Brewing. This place also hosts a variety of food trucks outside of the establishment throughout the month. BBQ, pizza, Mexican and so much more. Seriously – check it out!

In case you haven’t gathered yet, there are plenty of wonderful options downtown waiting to serve you your next drink. The drinks are pretty. The drinks are fine. The atmospheres are all unique and inviting.  So head out soon and call up those friends you’ve been missing. It’s time. 

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