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Unique Meeting Spaces in Eau Claire

Eau Claire is different, some might say weird.

Most speculate on what makes it different, maybe it’s that clear water everyone talks about, but one thing is for sure. You won’t find this authentic indie vibe anywhere else.

There is a lot of different places and spaces that tend to serve as a mirror to the culture here. Artful, indie and theatrical might be a few ideas that come to mind when you see places like Banbury Place, The State Theatre, and the Local Lounge. These names might not mean much to you now, but they will.

In a few short years, Banbury Place turned from a Uniroyal Tire Factory hub to an artisan dream destination full of charm and memories. It’s meeting spaces speak to its character and make all the difference to its visitors.

The State Theater has seen its fair share over the last few decades and serves as a perfect backdrop to host all types of meetings and gatherings.

Keeping in line with Eau Claire’s artsy culture, Artisan Forge gives space to artists big and small and makes for a creative and fun meeting space. There is no doubt you will leave inspired after spending a few hours in this collaborative environment.

The Masonic Temple is comparable to the class of this Midwest-nice community. With thousands of square feet, you might be hesitant to look anywhere else after viewing this gigantic blank canvas. 

Finding a cultural gathering space outdoors in Wisconsin is something that isn’t heard about too often. Never fear, this authentic little city boasts a few more than the average.

Check out The Lakely at the Oxbow Hotel for drinks on the patio, a team game of the EC-famed Kubb, and never fear the Wisco cold, you can warm up at the aesthetically-mesmerizing fire places.

Maybe a space with outdoor screening better suits your fancy, Eau Claire’s Local Lounge boasts a beautiful patio with all of the tech your meeting might need while still keeping up to the big city patio expectations. 

Overall, you might be fooled not to host your next meeting or gathering in this “mini-Portland” Midwest city.

Not convinced yet?

Stay tuned, Eau Claire is unveiling a brand new Confluence Arts Center, designed by famed local Justin Vernon, next fall!