UW-Eau Claire Ropes Course & Zip Line

The Eagle's View Challenge Ropes Course offers a series of activities designed for individual and group participation regardless of age, physical limitation or ability level. The mission of this program is to concentrate on individual and group skill development by presenting a series of activities that involve physical and emotional risk with the opportunity to succeed (or sometimes fail) within a supportive group atmosphere.

Participants develop skills in problem solving, communication, decision making, trust, as well as gain a strong sense of self-worth and accomplishment. The Ropes Course experience also promotes calculated risk-taking, enhances leadership and management skills, facilitates organizational change, and builds effective teams.

UW-Eau Claire's Ropes Course is open to community members and visitors on Saturdays from 12pm-6pm and is $20 per person to participate. There is free parking located in the "R" slots. Visit their website to book your time slot!

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