Regis Catholic Schools

  • 2728 Mall Dr, Suite 200, Eau Claire, WI 54701
  • (715) 830-2273
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Witness the difference! Regis Catholic Schools is dedicated to educating all children and students in a Christ-centered environment. We nurture a love of learning that will last a lifetime and prepare students for leadership and service. Our consistent academic achievements and our graduates’ college scholarship offers are testaments to Regis’ strong foundation of academics, service, and personal development. Regis Catholic Schools is a fully accredited K-12 school system, with a rich history in the Eau Claire and Altoona area. Open to families of all faiths who identify with Our Core Values, the Regis Catholic Schools child development centers, elementary schools, middle school and high school encourage students to strive for growth, leadership, and service. We invite you to call, tour, or shadow for a day to learn what we can offer your child. Tuition assistance is available, including the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. Below is a full list of all of our facilities by name and location.

Regis Child Development Center
2114 Fenwick Avenue Eau Claire
(715) 830-2274

Genesis Child Development Center
418 N. Dewey Street Eau Claire
(715) 830-2275

Immaculate Conception Elementary
1703 Sherwin Avenue Eau Claire
(715) 830-2276

St. James Elementary
2502 11th Street Eau Claire
(715) 830-2277

St. Mary's Elementary
1828 Lynn Avenue Altoona
(715) 830-2278

Regis Middle School
2100 Fenwick Avenue Eau Claire
(715) 830-2272

Regis High School
2100 Fenwick Avenue Eau Claire
(715) 830-2271