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PRAJNA is a specialized Pilates and yoga studio located in downtown Eau Claire. We cater to the individual, not the masses. We believe everyone is unique, with different needs and goals. Some of our clients are top athletes and others are in a wheel chair. We offer group classes, private and semi-private sessions. The studio is equipped with all of the Pilates apparatus. The amazing benefit of the Pilates equipment is that it can be used for anyone no matter their physical condition. We have a large room for group classes that is air conditioned in the summer and regular room temperature heat in the winter. We believe the exercises and poses we skillfully organize in a specific order will heat the body up as needed. Some people may need more heat, some less. Successfully learning how to control breath can regulate body temperature to the individuals needs. Join us for weekly breathing/meditation, yoga asana, and Pilates reformer classes. You can sign up online at: