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What Is A CO-OP?

There are many definitions and types of cooperatives. Unlike traditional commercial enterprises, co-ops are owned and run by co-op members—the very people who make such co-ops possible. The “currency” of a co-op is its united collective membership. Basically a co-op is a business owned and controlled by the people who purchase goods, use its services, and then can receive benefits proportional to participation. Being a member of a co-op eliminates entrepreneur profit and provides equality in ownership and control. When our Co-op is profitable, we share that profit with our Co-op members.

Mega Co-op is a local member-owned co-op that went into business as the Eau Claire Farmer-Labor Cooperative Association in 1935 and became Consumers Cooperative Association of Eau Claire (CCA) in 1936, a name that is still used within our company today. Mega Co-op is one of the largest co-ops in the United States being member owned with more than 70,000 people like you.

As a member-owned cooperative, we are based on values and a structure that benefits the community and its members. Members may also become voting members by becoming a stockholder, who may vote on important issues and elect a board of directors to forward those interests and values.

The Heart Of Our Business…Our Members

Although we welcome all shoppers, our Co-op members are the foundation of our co-op.

Co-ops 101 states “Members must make a conscious decision to be committed to the co-op, even when short-term prices or services may be better elsewhere.”

Members have responsibilities to their co-ops that include consistently shopping that co-op and using the services it provides.

Co-ops Succeed When Members Are Committed!

Our Commitment To Our Members…

Just as our members have a commitment to us, we also have an unwavering commitment to our members and the communities that we serve. As a co-op we are committed to being a great place to belong by:

·         Meeting our members’ expectations

·         Providing outstanding service

·         Providing a great selection of products and services

·         When profitable, returning a patronage refund proportional to each member’s loyalty.

·         Giving back to the community

·         Creating an overall Mega! experience

In addition, we also strive to offer benefits and pricing available only to our co-op members.

What Is A Co-op Member?

A co-op or “Mega Member” is an individual or household who has applied as a Purchasing Member of the Consumers Cooperative Association of Eau Claire (CCA).

Who Should Become A Mega Co-op Member?

If you value quality products, community-empowerment, and having a voice, these are just a few of the benefits our co-op affords you as a member.

Since the co-op is member-owned, our interest in community is of paramount importance.  Although we welcome all shoppers, our co-op members are the foundation of our co-op.  Our co-op succeeds when our members are committed.

If this is important to you and you reside locally in one of the communities that we serve or frequent our stores throughout the year, in addition to maintaining $500 or more in purchases of goods or services per fiscal year, we invite you to join.

Mega Co-op Card vs. Gordy’s Card:

What’s the Difference?

You will not notice a difference between the cards when you shop for groceries at Gordy’s Market stores.  You can earn Gas Rewards with either card and receive any sales or specials associated with using the card.

It will matter, however, which card you use if you frequent our Mega Co-op Holiday convenience stores.  Granted you will be able to redeem Gas Rewards with either card, but any additional co-op benefits will not be honored with the Gordy’s card.  Any additional co-op benefits or privileges will only be honored with a Mega Co-op card.

It’s all on ONE card – Co-op membership, Member Benefits, and Gas Rewards!  If you shop at both Mega Co-op Holiday and Gordy’s, then you will only need one card:  the Mega Co-op membership card.

Rewarding You: Our Members*

When a Co-op member card is presented at a Mega Co-op Holiday convenience store during a purchase, you can enjoy:

·         Gas Rewards Program – Redeem Gas Rewards earned at Gordy’s Market grocery stores

·         $.05 cash discount when paying for fuel with cash or check (excludes purchases using credit, debit, gift, or scrip cards)

·         Entertainment discounts for movies, theme parks, and local attractions

·         Profits are shared with our members through patronage refunds proportionate to a member’s loyalty

Please check your favorite Mega Co-op Holiday store for availability of programs and benefits.

*Memberships are available for individuals and households only.

In addition to these benefits, by presenting your Mega Co-op card at participating partners, you can receive the following:

·         Metropolis Resort discounts on standard rooms, Chaos Water Park Admission, and free money towards Action City games

·         Discount admission to Eau Claire Express baseball home games on Mondays

We are always looking for ways to improve our programs and offer additional savings and value. Benefits, discounts, and promotions associated with the co-op membership are sometimes added, removed, or amended at varying times.

What Is The Cost Of Becoming A Member Of Mega Co-op?

100% FREE!

A co-op membership will not cost you a dime. However, to keep a membership active, a minimum of $500 in goods or services must be purchased each fiscal year.

Mega Holiday Locations:

I-94 & Hwy. 12 - North Crossing
6126 Texaco Drive
Eau Claire
(715) 874-6662

2109 Highland Avenue
Eau Claire

2119 Cameron Street
Eau Claire
(715) 836-8694

1027 N. Hillcrest Pkwy
(715) 836-8695

2920 Craig Road
Eau Claire
(715) 836-8696

2943 Western Avenue (at Eddy Lane)
Eau Claire
(715) 836-8697

I-94 & Hwy. 93
5511 Hwy. 93
Eau Claire
(715) 836-6357

4304 Jeffers Road
Eau Claire
(715) 836-8403

539 Water street
Eau Claire
(715) 836-9166

2806 Golf Road
Eau Claire
(715) 831-8838

1731 Brackett Avenue
Eau Claire
(715) 834-1431

2230 Birch Street
Eau Claire
(715) 836-7090

2940 N. Clairemont Avenue
Eau Claire
(715) 836-0902

2308 E. Clairemont Ave.
Eau Claire
(715) 514-4353

Melby Exit
1433 Commercial Blvd
Chippewa Falls
(715) 861-5700

501 N. Bridge Street
Chippewa Falls
(715) 861-5400

2750 120th Street
Chippewa Falls
(715) 720-0538