Lenmark-Gomsrud-Linn Funeral & Cremation Services

We've always believed that in order to present the best service, we would have to attract the best people, offer immaculate facilities and pay careful attention to our costs. We are able to give families what they want, at a price they can afford, all the while, ensuring a service that is dignified, exceeds expectations and most importantly, memorable. Finance Options: We feel that families should never be afraid to ask about funeral costs. We know how important it is for the service to be just right and at a cost that is affordable -which is why we proudly offer our families an array of options at the fairest costs. Pre-arrangement Offerings: We have always offered our families the opportunity to make decisions in advance of need. We feel this relieves a great amount of the burden of painful decisions at a time of stress. It allows for you to share your personal preferences of various funeral services, additionally providing peace-of-mind in knowing that your wishes will be taken care of and that everything is financially secured in advance. The Family-Owned Difference: As you visit our family-owned funeral home you will experience a certain type of warmth that cannot be duplicated. As a family-owned funeral home, we are concerned only with you and your needs. We know the community in which you live very well. We also realize the importance of contributing to the place where we work and live; you may very well even know the people with whom you make arrangements. We believe a family makes all the difference... a difference you can see and feel.