Graham Motor Museum

The Graham Motor Museum, a recent addition to northwest Wisconsin, holds great appeal for both our local community and automotive enthusiasts from far and wide. We aim to establish an exceptional destination that not only captivates visitors but also actively engages them. With proper planning and successful development, the museum is poised to attract a diverse range of visitors and car clubs, drawing them to our community. Our Enthusiasts Collection Project presents a unique opportunity for owners of collector and custom cars, as it allows them to proudly exhibit their vehicles within the museum. By continuously refreshing our displays with a rotation of exceptional automobiles, we aim to foster a sense of anticipation and encourage repeat visits from our audience, both local and from afar. In addition to its allure as a showcase of automotive marvels, the museum holds significant educational value. It can serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking insights into automotive industry careers, as well as those eager to deepen their understanding of its profound historical significance and enduring impact on American culture.