Eau Claire Children's Theatre

The Eau Claire Children's Theatre (ECCT) is a nonprofit volunteer-driven community theatre providing quality theatrical and educational experiences for western Wisconsin residents of all ages. Since its founding in 1989, the primary objective of the ECCT has been to provide experiences as cast, crew and audience members for children and their families.

No one would deny that participation in the arts through theatre allows children the chance to express themselves in an enriching, enjoyable and creative way. However, ECCT feels children's participation in theatre does much more for children and their mental and physical development.

As participants in theatre, children begin to realize a positive self-concept and a new, unique understanding of others. Theatre challenges our children to respond to the world and to look beyond themselves to see the connectedness of human society, fostering a greater understanding of other cultures, their histories, symbols, values and beliefs. 

Volunteer Needs:

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Both Adults and Youth

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1 - 20

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Volunteer Contact Information:

Tyler Hahn
Outreach Coordinator