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Dewitz Photography

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Travis LOVES photography. It lightens his heart, fills his soul, and allows him to capture life the way that he sees it. He constantly yearns to show life in a way that hasn’t been seen before, to bring images to people in a fresh and innovative way. He specializes in three areas of photography; Corporate, Portraits, and Boutique Modeling. These three products that he offers fit his strengths and passion for this art form and engage him from the heart. This means you are getting the best product possible. Photography is an art form and any true artist will perform at their best when doing something they love, something that come from their heart. Below he will go into greater detail of his specialties. Portraits A portrait is a photos of a single subject. This includes senior portraits and pet portraits. Portraits to Travis are all about showing who a unique person is in just one photo. That’s where his tagline comes from, Your Life. Your Story. Your Portrait. Clearly Unique. Corporate Corporate photography is a very general and incomplete term. It includes corporate annual report head-shots to piles of frac sand. Many corporations want photos of their officials, operations, and offices. Smaller businesses usually want portraits. Operation, and product photography sometimes including production. Then you have heavy industry that also like personnel photos but also including manufacturing plant operations, products, operations, and other industrial scenes. Plastic, oil, sand, drilling, pipeline, and manufacturing are just a few of the types of clients that fit under heavy industry. Agriculture is a mix between industrial and small business including heavy equipment companies, grain, seed, and dairy. In the end Travis loves doing all of these scenarios and considers it one of his specialties. It is all about getting the client photos that tell the story they want to tell that look crisp, clean, and sharp with little or no hangup from start to finish. These shoots are usually contracted through media relation firms and media outlets and not always through the companies themselves. Boutique Modeling Boutique modeling photography usually includes child models to teen models. They range from showcasing small accessories to high fashion dresses. Most of the ones Travis does are high production value photo shoots that take weeks of planning from locations to models. Sometimes he has full control and other times it is a collaboration between the model, designer, and himself. He loves the high fashion shoots that go well with his dark edgy look. High end clothing or costumes usually lead to a very powerful end product.