Boyd Park

Boyd Neighborhood Park consists of more than seven acres. Along with the play equipment, off-street parking, and recreational area, it also offers areas of shoreline fishing. In addition is a pedestrian bridge that grants access to city recreational trails on either side of the river. With the different seasons here in Eau Claire, Boyd Park provides various activities throughout the year such as a shelter house, picnic pavilion, and prairie area with walking trails. In the winter time, it provides an ice-skating rink and snow-banked hockey rink where families can enjoy winter after hour activities. Access to Eau Claire River Fishing Nature trails Pedestrian bridge crossing river Pedestrian underpass (Main Street) Paved Trails on periphery of park Picnic shelter Grill Prairie area with walking paths Many picnic tables Shelter house Restrooms Drinking fountains Lighting Parking lot Historical marker Open rec. field Soccer Play Equipment Hard court surface with Basketball hoop (2), foursquare, hopscotch Ice-skating & Snow-banked hockey rinks