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We got the chance to catch up with the hard-working duo Marie Rasmussen and her husband/business partner Jeff Frawley in what will be the newly-expanded space for Estilo Salon, an Aveda salon located at 438 Water Street.

While we chatted, a common thread of serendipitous moments emerged. A thread that when strung together, weaves a web of success, growth, and opportunity.  They’ve experienced numerous happy coincidences that, because of their foresight and hard work, have become opportunities to grow their business.

Serendipity struck first when Marie was 23, working at Estilo, and had the opportunity to become the owner of the salon.  

“It was a big step, but I knew I’d regret if I didn’t take that chance to buy Estilo,” says Marie.

As they built their business, Marie and Jeff continued to look for more opportunities. Serendipity struck again when a spot went up for sale in downtown Menomonie. They jumped at the chance to purchase, and now they’re operating both salons.

“When we walked into the space in Menomonie, we just knew it was right,” says Marie.

The fact that both of their businesses are located downtown could be chalked up, at least in part, to serendipity as well. According to Marie, it wasn’t necessarily a strategic decision to locate in downtown Eau Claire and Menomonie, but rather where opportunity first hit. Though now that they’re here, they’re sold on the downtown experience.

 “If we were to open another salon in a different community, we’d be looking to locate in the downtown area,” says Jeff. “There’s more of a sense of community in our downtowns, plus you just can’t beat these old brick buildings.”

Estilo is currently in the process of expanding their footprint on Water Street, after they were able to take advantage of another well-timed opportunity to purchase the former Roy’s Barber Shop immediately next door. Their renovations will eventually connect the two spaces, significantly expanding their square footage. After challenges and construction delays due primarily to COVID-related supply chain issues, they’re close to moving into the newly-remodeled side. Once they’re in the remodeled space, renovations will begin on the original Estilo building to eventually have an entirely revamped salon.

“When it’s all finally done, it’s going to allow us to serve more customers with more space and staff, in an updated salon. We’re really looking forward to that,” says Marie.

Care to host your next bridal shower, gathering, or event somewhere you can be thoroughly pampered? Estilo is planning to add a small event/gathering space that includes their outdoor patio in the future – details forthcoming!

Beyond all that managing two salons demands (did we mention they’re also raising a 3-year-old?), Marie continues to deliver the WOW factor as she recently completed the rigorous process to become an Aveda Educator – making herself one of only 30 Aveda Educators selected to teach and train other stylists throughout the country.

Estilo has plugged into the local business community as well, recently joining the Water Street BID Board and serving on the Downtown Menomonie Board.

Looking to treat yourself or others? Estilo offers gift cards for salon services, seasonal gift packages, and sales/specials. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date or visit their website for more information or to book a service. Who knows, you may be so lucky to catch their serendipitous bug!