Laser Fix, LLC | 130 S Barstow, Ste 1C | 715-533-8406 |

When you think of Downtown Eau Claire and the businesses that make up the heart of our city, you might first think of your favorite restaurant, or one of our many retailers that call downtown home. However, a large number of salons, health and wellness, aestheticians, and professional service businesses make their homes in downtown as well.

Peruse our online directory and you might find your new favorite downtown cosmetic service at Laser Fix, LLC – a laser hair reduction boutique at 130 S Barstow St, Suite 1C.

A recipient of a 2022 Jump Start Downtown Award, Laser Fix’s owner, Brooke Krause, took a leap of faith and, with the support of her family and friends, left her full-time career in accounting to start her own business in September, 2022.

“I just really get a lot of joy out of helping people, and I found that meeting with clients and helping them look and feel better is really fulfilling for me,” says Brooke.

Brooke’s excitement for her business is clear and it’s contagious. She can walk you through laser types and light wavelengths and the physics behind laser hair removal, average numbers of treatments needed and capabilities of her machine beyond just hair removal. By the end of our chat, we’re ready to sign up for services ourselves. Her enthusiasm paired with her expertise instills a lot of trust.

It’s apparent walking into the clinic, that comfort for the customer is a key focus for the business.

“I want to be a relaxing, low-pressure experience,” says Brooke. “If you want to come in for one treatment and try it out, you can do that. If you want to book multiple appointments right off the bat, I’m happy to do that too. I want to be flexible and receptive to what my clients want.”

That flexibility is reflected in Brooke’s pricing structure, and she hopes that will set her business apart from other locations that offer laser hair reduction.

“If you look at other spas or clinics that offer laser treatments, they almost always require that you purchase a treatment package with multiple sessions,” says Brooke. “All of my services can be booked a la carte, so you’re not stuck buying an expensive package right up front. I want people to make sure that they’re comfortable with me and Laser Fix before they make a big commitment.”

Brooke acknowledges that to achieve optimal results, multiple treatments are needed, but she wants to allow customers the ability to do that on their own terms. By pricing her services competitively and individually, Brooke hopes that she can make Laser Fix accessible to more people.

“I have gone through a lot of training and certification and work with a medical director to provide the best service possible for my clients. I can provide that great service and help people achieve their goals without them having to spend a fortune,” says Brooke.

For the future, the laser at Laser Fix has the capability to do even more than hair removal. As she establishes her business, Brooke hopes to expand her services to include skin rejuvenation treatments.  

“It has been great to find the community and support I’ve found in Downtown Eau Claire and I’m excited to keep building my business,” says Brooke. “It’s been a huge learning experience for me, and I’m grateful for the connections I’ve made so far. I hope to continue to make more.”

Laser Fix offers gift cards and appointments can be booked through their website or by contacting directly. Follow their Instagram to stay up to date on all the latest.