Lights, camera, action! 

There's something magical about movies and seeing them in the theater on a big screen with an audience. While Eau Claire has multiple places to see movies, you really should pay Micon's Downtown Cinema a visit. Let me give you a few reasons why.

The Prices Can't Be Beat

As fun as going to the movies is, lately the cost of going has skyrocketed. Sometimes just buying your ticket is $10 and then it's an additional $10 for your popcorn and soda. Well, Micon is a nice break from that. General admission tickets for adults is $4, for children ages 3-12 admission is $3, and little ones aged two and under get in for free. On top of all that, Tuesday admission for both adults and children is just $3. Not bad!

The VIP Lounge Offers Great Eats and Drinks

One of the many things the Micon Downtown Cinema did during their renovations a few years ago was to turn it into a dinner theater of sorts. Now in addition to the usual popcorn, soda, candy, and standard theater snack offerings, you can order food and have it brought to you in the theater. There are counters in front of your seat so you can enjoy a movie and lunch or dinner at the same time. Some of the food options include pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, nachos, quesadillas, and burgers. In addition to the food, you can now get beer and wine. Enjoy a cold adult beverage with your movie.

See Movies After The Crowds Have Died Down

Did you miss that one movie because you just never had the time? Maybe you just didn't want to fight the crowds the weekend Wonder Woman opened. Do not fret! Micon Downtown Cinema plays new releases after they've been out for a while so you can still catch that movie you meant to get around to seeing. 

Recent Renovations 

Another reason you should visit the Micon Downtown Cinema is to see their latest renovation job. From the added screens with the menu offerings for the VIP Lounge to the comfy seats that now have a counter to enjoy a meal, and the new self-serve soda machine, when they did the makeover, they did it right. It's a change from seeing movies in a crowded multiplex. 

Special Events

The Micon Downtown Cinema doesn't just show current releases. Sometimes they hold special events. A few years ago they had a classic film week. People voted online for which classics they wanted to see. Some films screened included The Sound of Music, Psycho, and To Kill A Mockingbird. And in 2017 the theater hosted the first ever Eau Claire World Film Festival. During the event, Micon showed nearly 20 features, animated films, documentaries, and shorts and they crowned a winner at the end by viewer vote. Eau Claire isn't just for music festivals. 

Micon Downtown Cinema is a great place to see a movie at a discount rate and enjoy a good meal. You can watch movies you missed the first go round or go to see ones you enjoyed a second time. You can enjoy all of it in a beautifully renovated building in the heart of Downtown Eau Claire. The next time you want dinner and a movie, kill two birds with one stone and go to the Micon Downtown Cinema.